Fashion Editor Styling Tricks You Need to Master

Top 6 Fashion Editor Styling Tricks You Need to Master

Fashion is never stagnant. It keeps on changing. Men and women now are extremely conscious about being up to date with Fashion Styling Tricks trends. Birds of Prey Jacket, A Great Outfit to attract and Look Impressive. What would you feel if someone tells you that you slay your day and look gorgeous along with looking fashionable without having to invest much of your time and money? Wouldn’t it be the best thing? Regardless of all the fashion trends there really are some tricks that help you look stylish without even making too much of an effort for it.

These styling tricks and techniques will help you slay your everyday looks without even investing much of your time or money on it.  These tips are efficient, saves time and you don’t have to spend a lot on your outfit and still manage to slay your look!

The Jacket Sleeve Push Up

One of the most casual and good-looking styles is to push up your sweater or jacket sleeve up. Let’s not lie, it looks cool. But the worst thing about sleeve push up is that it never stays up, it keeps rolling down.

A pro-tip to keep your sleeve up; use a rubber band and place it in the middle of your sleeve just around your elbow. Pull your sleeve up to a comfortable spot along with the hair tie and bunch the rest of the sleeves at the end. Hide the rubber band beneath the fold over the area of your sleeves.

The ‘Jenna Lyon’ Sleeve Roll

Sleeves way too long? Do you like short sleeves but have to bear with the long sleeves whilst wearing shirts? The easy way out of this is to just roll your sleeves. Sleeve roll-ups look dope but let’s try a way that’ll keep your sleeve from rolling down. All you have to do is fold the sleeve into two parts and pull up your sleeve. Roll the folded part up again and stop below the sleeve cut. It’ll be tight and it’ll look classy for sure.

The Editor Shirt Tuck

Shirts look good when they’re perfectly tucked in but aren’t that too mainstream now? A fashion editor gives a better way; all you have to do it tuck one part of your shirt in your pants and leave the other half. There you go, stylish and classy.

The Frat Shirt Tuck

What is one supposed to do when their shirts are a little too loose or a little too long? Tuck your shirt in? Too boring! We have a better and a new way for you to tuck your long shirt in. All you have to do is tuck the front of your shirt in and leave the back out of the pant! Classy from the front, party at the back!

The Belt Loop

Loose shirt? Loose pants? Belts don’t look cool? Don’t you worry! We have the perfect style for you! All you really have to do is take a belt. Loop your belt through. Pick the longer part of the belt and slide it below the belt. Tuck it back right through the belt and you have the best belt in the room! Stay classy.

The Jean Roll

Sometimes, jeans aren’t just the right size. Who has the time to go to the tailor and get it tailored and up to your size? Not us! Isn’t it just too annoying when your jeans are a little loose at the end? Or they’re too long? Or they just don’t fit right. Folded jeans from the end are just too mainstream and it doesn’t even look good. Well, here’s a pro-tip; fold your jeans to an inch or two, your preference, then fold again, leave the jeans folded as a peak of the hemline Is visible. Here you have the perfectly imperfect jeans fold!


It seems like it’s really expensive to look pretty. That’s something we disagree with. All you have to do is look for some stylish tips and hacks to make your casual outfit look outstanding. It’s all about how you see these tactics. Sometimes, the easiest of them makes us the spotlight of an event. 

Know these Fashion Styling Tricks, stay simple yet classy!

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