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Pu’er or Raw Pu-erh Tea, articulated as crap air, is a one of a kind assortment of tea from the Yunnan area of China. Pu’er tea is generally squeezed or formed into cakes or potentially balls and is a post-matured tea. The maturation here includes microbial aging and oxidation of the leaves, post the drying and rolling. Actually speaking Pu’erh/Pu’er Teas need to originate from Yunnan Province in China to be called along these lines, yet that has not halted enthusiastic tea makers in the tea belt like India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan and some more nations to take a stab at making the most ideal Pu’erh style teas. The explanation it’s called Pu Erh  is on the grounds that it’s tea that was developed in the Yunnan Provence in China. There’s really a town called Pu Er.

Where to buy Pu-erh tea

Furthermore, presently, in 2019, Pu’erh style teas are currently being made in India and available organic tea online! Various online website are offering the main ever Indian made Pu’erh Style Tea. The tea tastes similarly as one of a kind as it sounds. With the sweetness of raisins, it brings the fragrance of timberland wood mixed with cocoa and wild nectar. The visual of the leaves opening and moving while you blend them is a pleasure to encounter. Pu’er tea ages like fine wine, and can smooth and improve with age. Out of the various medical advantages got from Pu’er, the Chinese acknowledge it most for advancement of weight reduction and praise its stomach related properties.

Having said and done, we urge you to taste, understanding and appreciate this great tea.

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