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The reason behind the Canon Printer Not Responding | technical school Support knowledgeable

printers are the foremost wide used gadgets in today’s time. Be it Associate in Nursing workplace, a faculty or the other organization the requirement for papers Associate in Nursingd documents can ne’er come back to a finish. No matter if you’re an operating skilled, a parent or a student, a printer is a vital device for lots of tasks. there’s extraordinarily high demand for canon printer not responding however several times printer standstill whereas printing the document and you get some unwanted message like Canon Printer Not Responding or Canon Printer Not operating. These are some common issues for the Cannon printer there are some varied reasons the way to fix canon printer not responding.

Many times you will stumble upon with Associate in Nursing unwanted error message “Canon Printer not responding.” largely this error happens throughout the time you plan to print one thing. There square measure numerous attainable reasons because of that this error happens like:

Canon Printer not responding
Canon Printer not responding
  • Print SpoolerHow to repair Canon Printer not Responding Error
  • Printer Drivers
  • Poor property
  • Bad Hardware standing
  • USB issues
  • Wrong property finish Points etc.

These square measure the overall reasons for the Canon printer not responding error. With a bit of technical help, you’ll be able to resolve these problems or faults.

How to fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error Quickly?

The best Canon Printer not responding issue is that you just will resolve this problem with yourself. If you continue to notice any problem then you’ll be able to contact the US for technical support help from our technical support consultants.

  1. General Troubleshooting Guide: Whenever you discover that Canon printer not responding error. first of all, check the affiliation of your pc together with your Canon printer. certify your printer is correctly connected to your pc either via cables or wireless. once reassuring the property try and restart your all devices that relate to printing jobs.
  2. Run Canon Printer Troubleshooter: each Windows OS either it’s Windows ten or Windows seven contains a self-built-in printer repairer. that helps in partitioning and diagnosis the printer connected problems. Press Windows (Win) key and sort “Troubleshoot” (Windows 10) or “Troubleshooting” (Windows 7) within the Search box. For Windows ten click on “Printer” and so on “Run the Troubleshooter” and for Windows seven click on “Use a Printer” choice in “Hardware and Sound. Follow the directions as per on-screen to complete the troubleshooting.
  3. Disable third Party Firewall: This Canon printer not responding issue is most of your time caused by Associate in Nursing protective firewall. it’s unremarkably caused by the occurrence of third party antivirus suites like megacycle per second Coffee, Glass Wire, etc. Most of the users notice that their antivirus answer complete up by obstruction of the spooler subsystem app. This issue may be resolved once disabling the firewall performs. If you wish a simple answer then uninstall the appliance from Programs and options. For this open a Run box, sort windows key + R and so sort “appwiz.cpl. Hit the Enter button to open Programs and options. Right-click thereon and select the uninstall button to get rid of it.
  4. Restart Print Spooler of Canon Printer: Printer Spooler may be a kind print service that’s helpful in managing all the print tasks. typically because of some bug error this Canon printer not Printing error rise. you’ll be able to solve the matter by merely simply restarting the printer spooler. Press Win + R -> sort SERVICES.MSC and hit Enter -> Scroll down and Double Click on Print Spooler -> in commission standing Click on Stop Button and so on begin. If already you discover the choice in Stop stage click on begin directly -> hit the OK button.
  5. Reconfigure the Port Correctly: For swish operating of the printer, you wish to put together your printer to correct printer port. Press WIN + R key and sort management -> DEVICES AND PRINTERS -> RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR PRINTER -> PRINTER PROPERTIES -> GENERAL -> amendment PROPERTIES -> PORTS tab -> Tick the port that contains your printer name -> Apply -> GENERAL -> PRINTER check PAGE
  6. Printer Driver: typically the rationale for this error is because of corrupt printer driver or previous version of the printer driver. therefore either install or update the version of the printer driver from the complete web site.

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