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10 Points How Corporate Lawyers in India Can Produce Clients

Corporate law, being an elite group in legal practice, governs the formation of companies, mergers, incorporation of companies, directors’ and shareholders’ rights, secretarial issues and the public listing or de-listing of companies.

Corporate lawyers need a sustainable source of latest leads and clients for his or her firms and hence got to make strategies to plug themselves and acquire business.

Generic marketing methods may not work for law firms and corporate lawyers in India. As a matter of fact, in India, law firms are not allowed to advertise their practice in the market. Not to lose hope but; apart from traditional advertising, lawyers and firms can strategize to construct a good client base and gain business.

Listed down are top 10 points how firms and top corporate lawyers in India can produce clients without really selling:

1. Creating better budgets

The budget and budget process are not the most inducing part of running a law firm; nonetheless one should focus on having it well planned since it is an essential wickedness.

Budget should be picked up on regular intervals to see how the firm is performing and how one planned it should. There are these topics of consideration like growing revenues, estimates for finding new business and balancing the funds among salaries, marketing and everyday expenses. Hence creating a budget can be exasperating but necessarily a boon.

2. Reinforcing security

Lawyers and firms need to assure their clients of the security they have implemented to safeguard the confidential data of the client and themselves. Confidential data includes attorney-client privileged information involving past, current and future cases, client trade secrets, strategies and tactics involving approaches to litigation etc.

They can have security protocols, intrusion detection systems and other methods that can serve the purpose.

3. SEO and content marketing

SEO and content marketing have come into the picture drastically. Businesses of all genres put in their efforts on content marketing to rank their websites at the top in the search engines and generate new leads. Initial efforts pay off well once the traffic starts building but it needs patience too.

For corporate lawyers in India, it is not a very renowned practice but is getting a green light in the run.

4. Having a website

The world is online; hence a website today is a requisite for a business whether big or small. A website gives credibility to the business and general information regarding it.

The web has a boundless reach and happens to be an unparalleled platform for no-cost advertising. From buying a pen to a car, everyone relies on online searches, reviews and feedback.

5. Responding quickly

No one likes to wait to get their issues fixed. Quick responses can help produce a new client base and keeping the old one loyal.

Attorneys must organize regular reporting sessions with their clients so they can sniff out any imminent major problems and brace themselves rather than hustling at the last minute. It helps make the responses quick and efficient.

6. Social media platforms

Social media, in today’s world, has a great impact on businesses. People are connected to social media 24*7 and it is a good platform to market, generate leads and build a strong existing client base by staying in touch.

Corporate lawyers in India must make it a practice of having an online presence since it’s not very popular here and respond to the feedback efficiently.

7. Separate marketing budget

It’s a cut throat competition in today’s world and one does everything to stay ahead of the pack. Marketing is extremely important today and if done effectively, one can reap the benefits of it. Hence making a separate budget for it is certainly fruitful and can help attaining a good number of clients.

8. Client referrals

Business has always been based on creating good relationships and keeping them intact. One would always want a trusted lawyer and might hire someone on a colleague’s recommendation.

Hence maintaining efficient relationships with clients can prove to be of great importance. A satiated client is a potential marketer and is highly likely to refer you by avowing to your work.

9. Marketing by word of mouth

Lawyers can attend events catering to legal affairs and can get a chance to connect to high profile business suits in attendance. They can strike a conversation with potential clients and refer to their niche of focus in law. This enables one to understand the client better rather than depending upon online marketing strategies alone.

Opportunities don’t knock the door before coming; hence networking by word of mouth anywhere possible is a great way of grabbing some business away.

10. Creating educational content

All businesses and industries are becoming competitive each day. Henceforth standing out from rest of the pack has become a necessity. Lawyers should write educational and informative articles timely on their websites and share them on all online pages in order to grab attention of potential clients.

Corporate lawyers in India must understand the vitality of content on their websites and get it right. A good content tells a lot about the attorney, the knowledge in possession and about the firm’s success.

Amy Jones is a certified legal expert by profession and she is associated with Ahlawat & Associates- best law firms in India. She loves sharing useful information about business, finance and law with needy people.

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