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Traditional Thai cuisine falls into four categories: tom (boiled dishes), yam (spicy salads), tam (pounded foods), and gaeng (curries). It is mostlyderived fromChinese cookingstyle like Deep-fries, stir-fries, and steamed dishes. After fielding many surveys from readers during the course of our month-long nomination period, the years new have narrowed down on the playing fieldof the best Thai food in Boston MA. There are five finalists in each of three categories: Restaurant of the Year, Design of the Year, and Empire Builder of the Year.

Looking to satisfy your appetite for Thai taste buds?

Thailand had more dishes on the list than any other country. The best Thai food in Boston MA would serve youtom yam goong, pad Thai noodles, som tam, massaman curry, green curry, Thai fried rice and mu namtok, stir-fried rice noodles, hot and sour soup, tom yum vibrant curries. Finding the top Thai spots around Boston, using your data and the best secret sauce to match your taste, the survey team has produced a list of the best spots to satisfy your cravings. November is considered as one of the top months of the year for consumer spending at restaurants across the Boston area, according to data on local business transactions for small businesses.

Thai cooking places emphasise on lightly cooked dishes with strong aromatic components and spicy fragrance. The chefs characterise Thai food as exhibiting “intricacy, attention to fact, taste, and the use of elements with medicinal benefits, excellent flavor”, as well as care being given to the food’s presence, smell and context.An Australian chef who is an expert on Thai food has observed that unlike many other cuisines, Thai cooking rejects simplicity and is about “the juggling of disparate elements to produce a harmonious conclusion”. Globally Seven Thai dishes appeared on a list of “World’s 50 Best Foods” in 2017 with an online poll of 35,000 people by a leading news channel.

The good Thai restaurants in Boston are internationally famous with a long history. Whether chilli-spicy or comparatively bland, coordination is the guiding principle behind each dish.  Not many people know that some of the well-known Thai dishes and desserts originated from foreign influences, such as curry, noodles and Tong Yutong, Yod, Foy Tong (desserts/sweets).

How was curry introduced to Thailand?

Buddhist monks from India brought curry to Thailand with an amalgamation of Indian curry and Muslim cuisine.

Thai food is basically a marriage of Eastern and Western influences harmoniously merged into something uniquely Thai. The people of Thailand have accepted foreign influences and transformed them into a cuisine uniquely on their own. They learnt foreign cooking methods and adapted them with switching ingredients. Coconut oilwas replaced withghee used in Indian cooking, and coconut milk substituted for other dairy products. To tone down the overpowered usage of pure spices fresh herbs such as lemon grass and galangawere enhanced. Eventually, as the use of fresh herbs increasedfewer and spices were toned down in Thai curries.

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