Five trendy scarf styles for you to play around with this winter

With winter here in its full glory, nothing can be better than donning a scarf around the neck to add more points to the style quotient of your attire. Well, they are that one piece of clothing that doesn’t shrink around your waist as you start putting on weight doesn’t wear out too fast and also makes you look so good at the same time. You can find a wide variety of prints and styles in cotton, silk, wool, pashmina, and others from scarf supplier who deals exclusively in it.

Heavy winter means different styles in which you can put that scarf around yourself and still manage to look stylish. Who said layering and baggy clothes go hand in hand? It’s time to bust that myth as we show you a list of what you can and can’t do with scarfs.

  1. Making the braid:  For this, you’ll need a rectangular scarf folded in half. Place the scarf around your neck, taking the ends of it and then thrust them through a loop. The scarf shouldn’t be too tight. Now, it’s time to twist the scarf again and pull the hanging bits through the loop again. Continue to twist the loop and pull the ends of the scarf till you’re done.
  2. Use it like a shawl: The best way to use a scarf is to place it around your body like a shawl on days when it’s too cold. However, for this, you will require a nice big rectangular scarf. You see, scarves are multipurpose. They make you look good and at the same time protect you from the weather. However, make sure you have a nice warm scarf before you put it around yourself. A thin silk one is not going to help.
  3. Make necklace: The necklace knotting is the best way for you to use your scarf if it’s a light material. A silk scarf is great for this purpose. Take a scarf, tie a knot on one side and put it around your neck. Then take the other side and slip it inside the knot.
  4. The French knot: For this, all you need to do is to fold the scarf in one single half and put it around the shoulders. Now you can take one loose piece at the end and place it under the loop of the scarf. Do the same with the other loose end and put it under and then over the loop which you made earlier.
  5. The Neck Knot: This is that one style you’ve seen in all Hollywood classics- the very simple yet chic neck knot. You’ll get beautiful silk scarves online. All you need to do is, take the silk scarf, and wrap it around the neck two times so that both the ends are in one place. Tie the ends properly together so that one end is at your back and the other one hangs in the front.

These are a few simple styles that you must try if you want to look trendy this winter. Nothing shouts winter in capital letters than a beautiful trendy scarf around your neck. Along with scarves, you can also do buy a caftan online to add another garment to your wardrobe.

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