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Get Your Blockchain Based Digital Identity Through Digital Identity Companies Middle East

As things are going digital faster than we can imagine the need for a proper digital identity system is becoming more and more important for businesses and individuals. Till now the most convenient way of sharing personal information of one’s identity was through physical means such as paper. But as technology is becoming a more and more essential part of one’s daily life, need for a digital identity system that can work across all channels is becoming of more concern for the large businesses and MNCs as well as individuals. So, for that purpose digital identity Middle East has come up a solution of providing a blockchain based digital identity platform. 

How is blockchain helpful for digital identity purposes?

Blockchain technology is one of the latest technologies that is making a big buzz around the technology sector because of its tamper resistant feature. Blockchain in simple language is “blocks of information connected in a chain”. Or it can also be called as a ledger of information. 

One of the biggest advantages of this technology is that, once a block of data is minted by adding the necessary information, it is impossible to tamper with it. Since these blocks contain information such as date, time, information about the participants, and a unique block id, therefore, it becomes impossible to change it once they are generated. And its because of this feature it can become a great tool for the purpose of providing digital identity solutions. And as of now digital identity companies Middle East is using this same technology to provide digital identity solutions to big businesses as well as individuals. 

How does it work?

If you are wondering how your complete identity can be created on the digital platform then the information given below can enlighten you further.

  • Enrolment

This is the first step, where a user or an entity must provide their complete identity like name, age, address, biometrics details, etc. After the user has provided all the necessary details their information is stored and created in a block. This block is connected to a chain of other blocks that contains information about other entities.  

  • Validation

The second step of these digital identity Middle East is to verify the records entered by the user against national identity records. If the records that a user has entered are true and match the national identity databases then they are validated otherwise you again must go through enrolment process.

  • Credentials issuance

Once your identity is validated then the next process is of credentials issuance. Since you are applying for digital identity then this id must be capable of communicating and storing your identity information through digital means. You can get your complete identity information through a smart card, id on cloud server, bar code, etc.

  • Attributes management

Attributes refer to the unique set of identity information that users have. It can be anything from your social security number to your date of birth. And whenever you need to update any of your information or revoke your account then this attribute management plays a key role in it. 

How can you get your own digital identity?

If you think that digital identity is of importance in your line of work then you can contact digital identity Middle East and they will provide you with all the necessary information that you are seeking. You can also log on to their website and contact them through their chat box or email. As we move more towards technology driven world the need for digital identity systems becomes important for every individual and entity. And that thing can only be managed through a proper digital identity service providers like digital identity companies Middle East.

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