Getting Started With the AMS Bowfishing Combo Kit

Fishing can be a relaxing and meditative practice, but it can also be boring. For anglers looking to enjoy a more active experience, bowfishing is an amazing sport that combines the fun of fishing with the skill and thrill of bowhunting. While the idea of shooting fish with a bow and arrow may seem kind of wild to the layman, this style of fishing has been practiced for hundreds of years. Now with modern products like the AMS Bowfishing Combo Kit, it is easier than ever to practice this exciting form of fishing.

AMS bowfishing was one of the first commercial bowfishing companies when they hit the market in 1979. Over the last 40 years, they have continuously refined their products in order to produce some of the best bowfishing supplies available.

Unlike traditional angling, bowfishing does not involve bait or lures. Instead, the object is to spear the fish with an arrow that is attached to your bow via a specialized reel. Though there is obviously much more to this process than simply pointing and shooting. Bowfishing creates a unique challenge due to the optical properties of water. Light moves through air and water at different rates, causing an effect known as diffraction. Because of this, aiming directly at where you see a fish will catch you nothing but water. Half the battle of bowfishing is learning how far below the target to aim based on depth and the angle of attack.

The bow is the basis for any bowfishing setup, and the AMS bowfishing combo kit includes their water moc recurve bow. This bow serves as a sturdy foundation for your first foray into this exciting sport. The water moc recurve has a 45-pound draw at 28”. The limbs on this bow can be easily removed using thumbscrews for quick takedown and assembly, making it perfect for trunk storage so you can be ready the moment you seem carp spawning.

The next most important feature in your bowfishing setup is your reel. The AMS bowfishing reel design has several features that make them distinct from a typical angler’s reel. The most obvious design aspect of these reels is the bottle line holder. This bottle allows for minimal drag when firing. In order to get the perfect shot every time, AMS’ reels don’t have any special triggers or buttons to fire like other bows. Instead, you simply draw and fire. Once you’ve taken your shot, you simply press the retrieval trigger and start reeling.

Finally, you can’t bowfish without a specialized arrow. Unlike standard arrows, the arrows for bowfishing require special barbs to ensure that they can hold the fish during a fight. The AMS Bowfishing kit includes a high-quality fiberglass arrow with its chaos point. This point features a free-swinging barb that can penetrate easily and then helps to hold the fish on the arrow. Once you have retrieved your fish, you simply loosen the tip to remove the arrow.

If you are ready to try this exciting sport for yourself, you can find the AMS bowfishing combo kit at G4G Guns. This kit has everything you need to get started and will provide endless hours of fun once you have perfected your shot. This bow can be used wading in the shallows or while firing from the bow of a boat. This kit is also a great option for introducing bowfishing to young adults. If you have any questions about this bowfishing kit or any of the other fine products here at G4G Guns, you can reach our team at 469-322-0295.

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