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How To Promote Law Firm Business

Promoting a law firm business is not an easy task. With competition growing every day, it is important that you use the right promotional tools to reach out to your target audience. Since law firms generally cater to local clients, your marketing efforts should be directed towards them. But deciding what tactics to adopt to promote your law firm business so that you get maximum mileage out of your investment is crucial to the success of your marketing efforts. Whether the traditional methods of print and television advertising or using the digital platform will work better depends on the kind of services you offer.

With more and more people using the internet, lawyer online marketing is the most preferred mode of advertising these days. We will discuss here some ways to promote law firm business in wake of the fast-changing business environment.

Free Law Firm Marketing Options

Before investing too much money on advertising and marketing you should avail the free marketing options that are available, such as claiming your listings or getting Avvo rating etc. This is a good way to start promotional campaign.

Position Yourself as a Leader and an Expert

For law firms that rely solely on digital marketing, excellent SEO, both internal and external, is very important, as well as inbound marketing. The content on the website, (blogs, newsletters, videos, etc.) should be directed at the target clients. You need to position yourself as an expert on the subject through inbound marketing. It is a cost-effective way to generate leads.

Creating Educational Content and Publishing it at the Right Places

Writing educational articles on your area of practice and publishing them at right places gives excellent results in terms of lead generation. Articles should be written regularly and in a timely manner to get the maximum traction out it. Apart from posting them on your website you must also publish them on various social media sites. Some social media platforms give better results, such as LinkedIn which is more job and career-oriented. You should, therefore, carefully select which social media site to accord more importance to.

Building Relationships

Building relationships is crucial to the success of a law firm business. Maximum businesses for lawyers come from local clients and, therefore networking plays an important part in promoting law firm business. How much you participate in community events, which influential people you know and how you are perceived among the local populace are very important for your credibility. Word of mouth still contributes significantly in getting new clients. It is the best form of marketing for attorneys and past clients are the chief source of new clients. Having online presence with websites, directories, social media and other platforms does bring in several enquires, but building a good reputation in the community by being involved in their causes gets you a very positive response.


Referrals are an important source of getting new leads. Though modern, responsive website is important for lawyer online marketing, the role of referrals can never be undermined. Building a strong referral network and doing cross referrals are paramount. Speaking at symposiums, taking teaching assignments and participating in talk shows also help in securing referrals.

It is also important to categorize your referral groups and pay more attention to those from where most referrals come from and hone in them. Reach out to these groups by taking every opportunity to thank or congratulate them. These small gestures ensure that referrals keep coming your way.

Online Reviews

Free and paid profiles of lawyers give good return on investment. Build a great website with valuable content with regular newsletters and articles that enrich people with knowledge they are trying to seek. Do ensure that the numerous directories that are available there have accurate listing of your firm. The reviews that you get may prompt people who have been referred by another client or some other professional to contact you. Online reviews generate lot of potential leads and must be given special attention to.

High Quality Website

For lawyer online marketing, you need to have a top quality website. The website should be responsive and work equally well on desktops and mobile devices. It should be easy to navigate and visitors should be able to easily and quickly get the information they seek. Make sure that the content is of high quality and relevant and that it gives a proper insight into your law firm SEO services and its values.

Make effective use of SEO with proper use of keywords at the right place. Services and area specific keywords should be used to optimize your website to target the right people. Effective SEO will give you higher rank in search engine pages and increase your visibility. When a client would need legal help in the area of law you specialise in, your name would be on top of their mind.

To conclude, promoting law firm business is not that simple.  It has several aspects to it and choosing the right tactics is very important. The marketing agency for lawyers can help you in planning and implementing the most suitable promotional campaign.

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