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Importance of Safety Signs In Daily Life

A sign that gives you a warning of danger ahead or even a possibility of an accident is a life savior. Be it in your working environment, highway, or even in the house you cannot be a hundred per cent sure of safety. You always need to be alert and follow the mentioned safety signs to avoid dangers in your life. If you are driving on a highway there have to be necessary safety signs to protect your ride and guide you safely to the destinations. If you thoroughly examine your life then you will realize the importance of small safety signs that you come across daily.

Safety Signs
Safety Signs

There are numerous benefits of safety signs like it prevents you from lighting fire near any inflammable object, it gives you knowledge of construction work going on, it prompts you to take manual stairs in case of a fire emergency, it tells you about distances and speed limits on highways and the list goes on.

Types of Safety Signs

There can broadly be five types of safety signs:

  1. Danger sign
  2. Caution sign
  3. Warning sign
  4. Notice sign
  5. Safety instruction sign

These types are further explained with their uses:

  • Danger Sign: This type of sign gives an immediate sign of danger and alerts the person. They are placed at crucial places where there is a risk of life. These signs are of red, black, and white colors. Dangers signs should never be ignored. If not taken seriously it can lead to loss of lives.
  • Caution Sign: These safety signs are designed to alarm people about the possible danger and ask them to be alert. These signs inform you about all the possible dangers at a particular location. These signs include a sign of caution about an inflammable object or toxic gas. For example, “No Smoking” sign at a fuel station.
  • Warning Sign: Warning sign is also to be taken seriously as they are warning ahead of danger. If warning signs are not taken seriously it can cause death. Warning sign includes the sign “Smoking Kills”.
  • Notice Sign: Notice signs are designed to be informative and to be followed for the ahead journey. They help in maintaining rules and regulations and implementing new rules. They are used in the workplace. Exit Only at the entrance of a workplace is an example of Notice sign.
  • Safety Instruction sign: Signboard that instructs you about safety rules and guidelines falls under this category and are to be followed else can cause you trouble. Speed limit sign on the highway, wear your helmet or construction signs are some of the safety instruction sign.

These types include many safety signs like “No Smoking”, “No Parking”, sign for fire extinguisher and first aid kit location, “No use of cell phones” while driving, “Use of seat belt”, etc. We can easily say that the use of safety signs and their importance in making life easy and safe can be countless.


Therefore, it can be seen that daily routine without safety warnings and signs can be too risky. Not only it makes you less vulnerable to accidents but also it protects many lives. Every sector in today’s world uses safety sign to ensure people’s safety, be it hospitals, schools, movie theatres, highways or railways. They warn you, caution you, inform you and alert you in every way possible. If these sectors care about you, then you should care about your safety too. Next time you see a safety sign, follow it and ask others to follow it, as it can save someone’s life and money.

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