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Is Copy Still King?

The time to think comes. Have you ever wondered if copywriting is still king? Do you know the big Kahuna of advertising? The apple of the marketing eye?

Heck, with all the modern “marketing devices” we have today, you may be wondering if copy is relevant at all these days.

Let’s dive in and take a look. Check out a magazine you can find on the shelf these days and flip through the pages. Pay close attention to the ads.

What do you see?

If you look closely, you’ll find that most ads are poorly worded, beautifully illustrated, often confusing, and sometimes humorous and resemble works of art.

These ads are more fun than they sell. You advertise your business very little …

… and when you advertise like this you should be prepared to have your bank account emptied. Next To The Breast, A Fast Company is The Best.

Hey, maybe I’m wrong. But can you really afford to entertain your potential customers? Even if you work in the entertainment industry, you still have to sell your services, right?

Let me tell you this: media (places where your ads appear) are not cheap. Most established publications cost a lot of money. And if you don’t believe me, call them and ask about their tariffs. Be sure to sit when you look over the cost … it’s shocking.

They wonder why someone would spend a lot of money on such waste. In my book, advertising and marketing should increase, not decrease, your profit. Law?

What’s worse, we believe that advertising should be that way. It’s the status quo, the norm of advertising as we know it, isn’t it?

It’s true to see decades after decades how this “traditional advertising” is done, isn’t it?


And I’ll prove it. Just Like Good friday images.

OK, for now I’ll spare you the rest of the abuse and answer the question asked in the title of the article.

The short and dirty answer is …

… YES.

I humbly submit you to review the statistics of a well-functioning company that uses proven marketing methods. At the root of their marketing you see Direct Response Marketing and the main driver of sales.

These people can tell you to the cent whether their ads are working (ie getting real, tangible results, like dollars, leads, store visits, etc.) or not.

The reason you should use direct response marketing is that everything is tracked and the results are counted.

The advertisement copy is a written sales message from start to finish. It does a full sales job, gives reasons why you should buy, makes a risk-free offer, and asks for the sale – just like in a real face-to-face sales situation.

These “direct response” business types always test and track aspects of their advertising texts in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Then they test again and again to get maximum results for the money spent.

For example, you can test different offers, headings, introductory paragraphs or different guarantees.

Here, too, they know with scientific certainty whether the tested advertising works or not. The guesswork is completely eliminated … no more puzzle marketing and the waste that goes with it, of course.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

At the heart of a really effective marketing or advertising program is the message or promotional text that you send to your prospects and customers.

Think about it. The advertisement copy is your message, which is sent to your ideal prospect or customer. It is the most important mouthpiece and “seller” of your company. It is the essential communication that your prospect or customer sees and reads.

So copy is still king? YES.

But keep in mind that copying and copying alone won’t do the trick that will grow your business. It is not the holy grail of marketing. This is a different topic for another day.

Running a successful marketing program is not just a one-off. It’s more like a puzzle, where many pieces work together to achieve a common goal.

To further clarify, my definition of “copy is king” transforms it from incoherent dribble to a complete sales message. One that was written for the customer. One that does the sale completely and thoroughly.

I’ve written about this before, but if you do your homework and do a good research of the product, the market, and the prospects before you write, you have a good chance of communicating and not just putting meaningless words on paper or a computer screen. Go On, Get Your The Best Gossip Out.

One of the best quick marketing formulas I know is the marketing triangle. I learned that from none other than master marketer Dan Kennedy.

I’ve already written about it, but it’s worth repeating. It goes something like this:

Imagine a triangle. Each side of the triangle has a label. A page is marked with “Message”. Another is called “market”. And finally, the remaining page is labeled “media”.

Simply put, this is one way to think about your entire marketing plan.

“The right message sent to the right market with the right medium.”

It’s the what, who and how …

… what is the message.

… who do you send it to?

… how do you reach your target market?

Awesome, isn’t it?

Yes, I thought so too.

So, is copy still the big cheese, the king?

Damn right … IF done right.

parting shots

I know that this was a short article and came up with a lot of ideas. We only hit the surface here. But as always, my goal is to help you get the absolute maximum of results with every penny you spend on advertising.

The next time you start a new advertising campaign, you should consider the ideas presented here.

And if you’re tired of throwing a lot of money into the public toilet and want better results, then I encourage you to call me.

Finally, if you have any questions about this article or would like to cover a specific topic, drop me a line. I always help gladly.

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