Review: QuickBooks Point of Sales, New Specification

As we all know that the QuickBooks POS is an exceptionally beneficial accounting tool. Basically, it is used for Organizing the data which is related to the inventory, sales, and a customer in one place. Now, Intuit is going to introduce the upgraded version of the tool, Now the retailers can manage their business with a new flow.

Now, You can use QBPOS on your operating systems like Your Laptops, Android, desktops, and all the ios devices. This means that you can make yourself up-to-date with all the new transactions that take place in your company.

In this blog, we will be discussing with you about QuickBooks Point of Sale review. In deeper you find all the new specification which is provided by intuit to the new QBPOS software so that you are well aware of the tool which you’ve gonna purchase.

Here are some new and best features of QuickBooks POS 2019 given below:-

Some Essential Features QBPOS:-

  1. Faster the sync:-

Whenever you run a business, your focus is to process all the activities quickly. As compare to QBPOS 2018, this version provides the facility of syncing the data very easy to the user. You can sync the tool with your QuickBooks Cloud Hosting easily eliminating the time and effort which is implemented by the accountant fr making the double entries.

  1. Ease to transfer data:-

Basically, we all know that transferring the transaction-related data is time-consuming. But with this version, we actually perform this task with ease.

  1. Simple integration with QuickBooks POS integration.

Now, the addition of payments of your employee become more efficient and smoother. In this upgraded version, with the help of a few clicks all the credit and debit card processing can be done. All the payments were transfer from QBPOS to POS payments in the encoded form for the security purpose.

  1. Tracking and Rewarding customers:-

You can appreciate your customers by providing some rewards if their balance history is clear and they do not have any due remaining. This version offers simple balance history tracking

  1.  Tablet Friendly:-

All the versions before this upgraded version are not supported in the Microsoft Surface Pro. But this time intuit introduce the tablet support facility. This means that now you can access all your data and go through your store activity from anywhere across the world. In this, you can actually take payment from your customer without making them wait in a queue for their turn.

  1. Providing DashBoard function:-

After providing this feature all the viewing and analyzing sales summary get more simplify due to this feature. Retailers now analyze which product is selling faster and also it compares the different sales graph of different products.

  1. System for monitoring and management of employees:-

If you go for QBPOS pro, You will gain a new feature for employee management. Where you can easily track the number of hours, all the commission related information and all the other payroll related details of all the employees. This tool offers you a security function for managers and owners to access essential employee’s information. 

  1. Access customer information easily:-

When you install this version into your preferred system then you find there is a button indicating more information that allows you to access transactions details of the credit card of a customer. Here you found an additional make a sale option which enables you to view customer’s account balance, history, notes, and presently avail for credit 

  1. Managing Purchase order:-

In this feature, QuickBooks Payroll support enables you to purchase inventory in an efficient matter. In this you can automatically fill purchase order fields, It scans the items through barcode and sends them via emails.

  1. Flawless Inventory management:

We have to make an effort while managing and recording each inventory but with the help of this latest QB POS. You can actually do the same with effortlessly. You can see the actual performance of all the products and know the bestselling products.

  1. Payment through EMV cards:-

We all know that payment through an EMV card is more complicated and highly challenging for especially for small businesses. But this version accepts Quick EMV payments from chip cards.

To Be Concluded:-

In this latest version of QuickBooks POS is a worth purchasing. Here you can consult with the experts of QB pro solution if you want some more details about the specific feature. Our team is always available through the toll-free number.

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