Sell Gold Online – How to Get the Highest Cash Value from Selling Gold

If you are looking for a dealer, jeweller or company that can give you the best possible price for buying and selling gold, then you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, even though price is very important and also the point of this article, it’s really easy to just focus on the price point, and not focus at all on other important factors like reliability, quality and convenience.

Indian people have a long history of buying gold online in India, sometimes in massive amounts for a variety of occasions – festivals, weddings, to celebrate new births as well as other factors like trying to show off your gold as your status symbol and just as importantly, to add a new element of diversification to your investments and asset holding!

Buying gold is a subject often discussed but getting the most cash value when you’re selling gold is a slightly different proposition. People sell gold for a variety of reasons – some do it because they want the money for other investments, some do it because they want to change their jewellery into another type of piece (e.g. if there is an upcoming wedding in the family), while in the most unfortunate circumstances, it does also happen that people need the money when they are experiencing hard times. What is critical in all these situations, especially when you buy and sell gold online, is that you try and maximize the value of your gold!

Some of the best rates you can get anywhere, is buying gold online in the form of digital gold, as can be seen in the case with SafeGold. Likewise, the best-selling rates is also from the same digital platform because they allow you to buy and sell gold online in India, in line with the gold bullion trading price.

When you buy and sell gold, you get charged a little more due to transaction related costs including taxes, bank charges for processing payments, hedging costs (since the market prices may fluctuate between customer placing order and the company buying the gold), etc. Despite these small fees, it’s still the best option out there and the highest cash value you can get from selling gold.

With jewellers, you don’t get the best real-time rates and you also have to keep in mind their fees, which can be understandable, but still amount to more than when you sell digital gold on sites like SafeGold.

Digital gold is right for you if:

  • You prefer to buy at the lowest price
  • You want pure 24k gold
  • You prefer to sell at the highest price
  • You like convenience, flexibility and reliability
  • You prioritize peace of mind knowing your gold is safe in vault
  • You want to diversify your portfolio
  • You don’t know a jeweller that you are comfortable with

The moral of the story?

When it comes to buying, selling and gifting gold or even gold as an investment – digital gold and online solutions are the best. You can even exchange your digital wallet gold for jewellery and buy gold coins online, gold bars and gold biscuits! The possibilities are endless.

Go for gold. Make it digital. Keep your investment safe.

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