Stop Looking for the Perfect Rifle – Build It with an Armalite Upper from G4G Guns

Whether you are a competitive shooter looking for the perfect sporting rifle, a hunter who wants a seamless fit for hog hunting, or even just a recreational shooter who dreams of that perfect rifle build, here’s some good news. The perfect rifle is out there. But there’s a small catch. It isn’t among the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of factory models from Remington, CMMG or even Colt. Those factory production rifles are awesome platforms, and can and do make plenty of shooters happy. But you want the perfect rifle, and it’s out there – you just haven’t built it yet.

Factory sporters are pretty sleek and impressive with their telescoping, multiple position stocks, rails not only above and below but to the sides of the barrel and their adjustable gas blocks. It would seem that with so many platforms so modular and so ready to accept modifications that the perfect build for any given shooter would be out there among them. But the thing is, if you’re really after perfection you must remember that each shooter has his own definition of perfection and that to attain it you must define it and then realize it for yourself.

As impressive as the factory rifles are, when you set out to build your own from the bottom up, although you’ll be piecing it together from the same factory parts those other firearms are made of, you’ll have a categorically limitless number of options when it comes to customizing any given feature of the platform. Start with an Armalite Upper receiver and lower, and from there you will have so many options to customize your rifle that it will baffle the mind. Even more so if you are into handloading, you can experiment with barrel length and weight, gas blocks and bolt carrier groups to get not only the optimum accuracy and velocity from your loads but the right – dare it be called perfect – amount of recoil and action cycling time.

You’ll be able to experiment with sights and options, whether or not you want integrated or folding sights, or rails on the top or bottom of your barrel that can accept accessories not only like the optics already mentioned but grips and forends that can be adjusted or removed without tools on the fly in the field. You can accessorize with sling mounts, folding bipods, stocks of all sorts – ultimately, when you build your own rifle, you’ll be able to add and subtract whatever is compatible with your parts at any time – making your sporting rifle capable not only of short distance competition but even of long-distance shooting, since you can theoretically change out barrels and even triggers with only a little work depending on what you’ll be using the rifle for on any given day. Being able to customize not only the accessories of your rifle but also its fundamental components means that you’ll be able to tailor it to very specific shooting situations to get the best possible performance out of it along with adding your own personal touches.

Of course, when you’re searching for an Armalite upper and lower, your go-to should be G4G Guns. Frankly, there is hardly a better source out there for the sundry parts you’ll need or want to throw into your custom build on top of the obvious and necessary components. Best of all, it’s easy to navigate through the portals at, where related and cross-functional parts are not only easy to find but often listed together as complements. For the best availability and some of the best prices out there, visit because you start making your perfect rifle a reality.

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