The Role of Yiwu Mountain

Yiwu, The Hometown of Pu’er Tea. Yiwu Town is arranged in the north of Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture. It is the old neighborhood of Pu’er Tea Price just as the beginning stage of the Ancient Tea-Horse Trail (Road). In bygone eras, Yiwu was known as a business city. It fills in as the linkage among China and Laos and a significant door toward the Southeast Asia. The Yiwu name has gotten extensive steam and now conveys noteworthy influence in the pu’erh advertise. Accordingly, what is promoted as Yiwu will in general originate from a huge territory?

As the old neighborhood of Pu’er Tea, Yiwu has rationed in great conditions verifiable relics of the “Old 6 Teas Mountains”. Walking around the old avenues of Yiwu, one will be welcomed by time-regarded trademarks of tea organizations, for example, Cheshun, Qianlizhen, Anle and Tongxing and so forth. Tea trees can be found in each mountain, and each town plants tea. This is accurate appearance of Yiwu Tea Mountain.

Yiwu Mountain tea is situated in the north of Mangla County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan. Yiwu Mountain offers substantial haze, ripe land, and warm and stormy, wealthy in heat and inexhaustible precipitation, which are useful for manor of tea.

Yiwu is known for a particular gentler, less punchy base with a dependable sweet delayed flavor impression when contrasted and other pu’erh areas, for example Banzhang. There are various developing locales inside the more prominent Yiwu territory, including the six popular tea mountains. These regions all speak to Yiwu somewhat, despite the fact that there will even be huge variety moving starting with one locale then onto the next.

At the point when China started to open up toward the west, numerous Taiwanese brokers visited Yiwu planning to discover both tea creation and progressively matured tea. They found not one or the other, yet wound up helping local people to restart tea creation. Therefore, the more noteworthy Yiwu region has solid ties with the Taiwanese market. A considerable lot of the Taiwanese pu’erh brands have solid connections to this district. This is shrouded undeniably more altogether in Zhang Jinghong’s Ancient Caravans and Urban Chic.

In Zhang’s book she describes the Taiwanese and Yiwu style as accentuating the hand-made and customary parts of tea-production, an alleged complexity from the more generation arranged Menghai County tea. Yiwu Mountain tea tasks will in general be littler, frequently family-situated, while Menghai County is all the more thickly populated with significant activities, for example Menghai Tea Factory.

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