Top 6 Winter Dental Tips

As we head into the cooler months, we must remember how to keep our lips, cheeks, gums and teeth healthy and happy!

Below are the Top 6 pointers to help maintain your oral wellbeing in tiptop shape as you combat winter chills!

1. You should remember to protect your lips as exposure to cold breeze and higher UV from muddy conditions can harm the fragile skin on your face.

2. Tooth sensitivity — While we attempt to carpet up and keep warm this winterour teeth feel the cold too! Cold temperatures and end could leave your teeth feeling sore, even more so in case you previously experience tooth sensitivity. Apart, from preventing the cold completely, with a sensitive toothpaste can help ease the pain.

Suggestion — try using Sensodyne or Colgate Prorelief tooth glue directly on the sensitive teeth during the day or before bed.

3. Stay Hydrated — As mentioned previously, we have to stay hydrated to safeguard our lips, but in addition our teeth! Throughout Winter we can raise the quantity of hot beverages we have. We are apt to sip these beverages as good winter warmers, but recall the sugar which might be in your cup or mug!

Drinking loads of water during the day might help rinse the acid and sugar from your own teeth, and will help maintain your natural protective saliva flowing!

4. Hairline Fractures — Feeling chilly? The chilly breeze combined with any present cracks inside your teeth may make teeth quite uncomfortable, or perhaps send a tooth within the border (see our article on chipped teeth). If your teeth are more tender to bite and you suspect a fracture in one of your teeth, then let us know before it gets worse!

5. Boost Your Immune System — Is getting a chilly in winter is quite common, and we frequently don’t consider the impact it has on our teeth! And of course stomach acid getting a problem if you receive the nausea bug (unpleasant yes we understand!) .

While we ought to be fostering our immune system throughout the year, do not neglect to pay additional care in winter to attempt to prevent getting sick.

The reliefs we choose to help alleviate a cold tend to be sugary or acidic that can promote decay and cavities. Stomach acid out of nausea or reflux may damage the enamel of your teeth, which makes them brittle and weak.

Finally, if we are feeling unwell we have a tendency to fail our teeth as you do not wish to leave your bed. To help combat the flu, flossing and brushing every day can go a very long way in fighting germs that may earn a sore throat or a clogged nose worse!

Suggestion – Do not forget – once you’re again, throw out your old toothbrush and switch into a new one as a old toothbrush can harbor nasty viruses and germs on it, particularly once you’ve been ill!

6. Go to a Checkup — Remaining inside in winter is quite tempting, but do not overlook your routine 6-monthly check cleans and up! Your routine checkups can help you to get prepared for winter by making certain that your mouth is in prime shape!

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