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If you have tried many business ideas but still you are not getting success, then you should try some unique one. You might be searching for the best out of best. And this is the reason we have cover an exceptional idea that most of the people have overlooked and i.e. ORGANIC FARMING. 

You might be shocked to know how farming can help you to generate revenue and from the last couple of years, it is growing rigorously. But you will be amazed to know that organic farming is rising day-by-day. However, this one is the new topic for you, so we have covered all the aspects and how you can generate revenue from it. 


First, understand what organic farming is 

Organic Farming 

It is a type of farming that uses environment-friendly ways to produce food. Or we can say that production without using any pesticides, fertiliser or any other harmful chemical. This was introduced to promote healthy living. It provides attentive care that touches the health and fulfils the needs of livelihood. 

Reasons behind embrace organic farming 

  • Boost genetic variety 
  • Promotes the usage of natural pesticides 
  • Right soil cultivate at the right time 
  • Control pesticides, and diseases

There are a few SKILLS that you should know before you start this business. Those are mentioned below:

  • Organising skills: If you want to get success in this field, then you should know how to manage works. So, it is very important to learn how to prioritise the task. Without knowing this, you will have to taste failure after a few months. 
  • Learn to motivate: At the initial stage, you will never able to gather more than one or two employees. This makes the work difficult because in farming you must have a good number of team members. Though it does not mean that you will not able to manage, you can but with motivation. 
  • Physical fitness: You have to move from one part to another. And farming means spending time on the field that demands physical fitness. So, if you are not physically fit, then you should not choose this idea. 

Now, let’s talk about rule and regulations

Rules and regulation that you have to follow

You cannot directly run this business. There are a few formalities that you have to satisfy. Read below to know these rules:

  • Take planning permission: You have to notify the government that for which reason you are modifying your land. 
  • The vehicle should be registered: The truck or any other kind of farm vehicle should be registered and verified by the authority. 
  • Register with rural land: The land you will use for the farming should be registered with the rural land department. 
  • Safety regarding health: You have to test your land with the Health and Safety Executive.
  • The purity of food: The fruit or vegetable must have some good quality. And you must have a certificate from Soil Association Organic Certification. 

Let’s talk about the cost…

  • Cost Involved

You know you have a great idea but you may wonder about the cost. In our opinion, the cost should not be the factor here because it depends on the amount of production. 

If you have savings, then you are good to go. However, it may happen that you fail or exhaust money over some emergency. In that scenario, the loan may provide you with the helping hand. You can approach online lenders in the UK who offers loans for bad credit people where no guarantor is involvedYou can easily manage the expense with borrowed money and can start the business. 

Here, if you have a plan in advance, then you should start saving. It will help you to manage the cost in a much efficient way. 

Now, let’s move to the way to earn money from organic farming 

  • Ways to earn money
  • Earn money from harvested

The main revenue source is harvesting. You can only earn when your crop harvest and it took mostly annually. But nowadays, you can grow multiple crops in a year. It means that you can earn throughout the year. It would be better if you start at a smaller scale, with the time you will automatically learn how to earn more. 

  • A different way of earning money

You can earn more money with the help of your land. Many companies need a place to advertise their product or you can provide some space for towers. You might be wondering why you need to earn money in this way. 

Agriculture is the place where you will not receive the benefits instantly. So, it is important to hunt for the second option. It will help you to maintain the cash flow. 

  • Insurance 

This one is actually not the way for earning but it is kind of protection. Farming means taking risk. Many such incidents occur where natural calamity ruin the crops. It would be a great idea to note CROP INSURANCE. You still receive funds so it can lower down the risk rate. 

In this way, you can generate good money. All it needs patience because you are not getting benefit over-night. Have patience and hope for the best. This is the mantra that can make your organic farming business successful. 

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