What Is a Nestainer Rack and Its Uses?

The nestainer racks are used as a movable rack that is nestable, and it also facilitates bulk storage, which re often used for storage and distribution of logistics functions. Sometimes these racks are also called nestainer, nestable pallet, or nestable pallets. They can hold heavy loads. They are typically stacked in columns of 5 or 6 racks with each rack holding 1000 kg.

Empty stacking racks can be nested – one rack set inside another rack- up to 7 or 8 at a time. There is a various storage system that can save time because the empty racks can be nested by a forklift operator. A bunch of nestainer occupies less space than empty standard heavy duty pallet rack. They can be freely arranged, easily moved, and designed stackable storage to save space. The load on the two rails can be evenly distributed over the four posts.

Some advantages of nestainer racks are:

1. It is simple, secure and simple3 stacking.

2. It is easy to handle and have good storage flexibility.

3. Can be used with pallet.

4. It has uniform specifications, good storage capacity and easy to inventory count.

5. It can be stacked on each other so that it can form a three- dimensional storage capacity.

Its Application and Classification

It is used as a logistic device that is set up as space management by a separate unit is mainly suitable for temporary storage area management of warehouses and workshops. It can also be used for storage and distribution in the logistics department.

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