What is Washing Machine Insurance & Policy Covers?

Washing machine insurance policy is available by consumers to financially safeguard this electronic appliance against unwanted situations burglary, theft, fire incident, or any such accidental damage. In today’s world, where purchasing a home appliance can cost up to a few thousands, coping up with the accidental damage can’t be that easy as it will require you to incur hefty expenses. Therefore, acquiring such policies seems like a feasible option, especially with the minimal amount spent on policy premiums.

Subsequently, washing machine insurance cover can be claimed in case your appliance comes across any of the following unwanted scenarios.

  • Protection against accidental damage caused to the machine

Any accidental damage caused to the washing machine can be claimed under this clause. It is important to note that accidental damage will be considered by evaluating the circumstances that caused the damage. In such cases, carelessness, mechanical & electrical breakdown, or wear and tear of appliances won’t be considered for a claim. Availing a Washing Machine Insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv will ensure that a consumer avails a high insured sum at a minimal premium cost.

  • Cover against theft and burglary

There can be instances of a burglary at your home while you are out for holidays, or there can be instances of theft in your presence as well. Your washing machine insurance policy will ensure that you are assisted financially in case such a scenario is encountered.  

In addition to the washing machine, consumers can get their kitchen appliances insured as well by availing a kitchen appliances insurance plan. This way, users can get financial protection for the loss caused by theft or burglary of the same.

  • Fire incidents cover

Best washing machine insurance product also covers incidents of fire in their policy guidelines. A user will be able to claim financial protection in case damage is caused to the appliance because of an incident of fire that can be caused by reasons ranging right from short circuit to gas leakage.

Candidates who have secured this insurance policy can claim compensation for the losses during their policy period. The financial aid provided to the customers depends upon the value or price of the washing machine or the value of the maximum sum insured under the policy.

Furthermore, users can avail the following benefits of the insurance policy –

  • High sum assured for washing machine damage at nominal premium rates

Consumers can consider it as cheap washing machine insurance plan as the maximum sum assured can be as high as Rs. 35,000 for a minimal annual premium payment.

  • Complete loss or damage cover can be availed by consumers

The washing machine insurance plan let users avail a total loss or damage cover as they can avail the entire amount of repair or replacement of the appliance. No matter if the washing machine is stolen or damaged; users can avail financial help against it. However, they will need to provide an invoice of their purchases to the insurance issuer so that they can decide upon the financial value that they can be assisted with.

● Easy and multiple payment options

Insurance policies that require consumers to pay easy premiums through multiple channels like net banking, UPI, debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallet, etc. are additional advantages.

These are all things that a washing machine policy covers and candidates need to make sure their policy issuer provides them with such all-round coverage. In addition to this, individuals worrying about the safety of their home appliances while they are away from home can acquire home protection insurance policy and get coverage against the damage, loss or theft caused to the belongings.

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