Eastern Mediterranean University

Why is Eastern Mediterranean University Best for Foreign Student?

Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the most reputable higher educational institutes in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. It is the hottest educational destination among international students. The university was established in 1979 and has expanded significantly in terms of region and educational quality over the course of years.

Pakistan is one of those countries in the world which has a higher youth population. The students of the country are keen to explore the world while continuing their education. They are equally interested in the fields of business, engineering, social, and practical sciences.

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This article will discuss the points which make the eastern Mediterranean university the best choice for international students.

Top 4 Reasons EMU is Best Choice for Foreign Students

Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the oldest educational institutes in north Cyprus. It has a number of opportunities for the local as well as international students. It also includes state of the art buildings as well as breath-taking scenery, which specifically charms the international students.

The following are some of the most important reasons Eastern Mediterranean University is the perfect choice for international students.

  1. Significant Position in International Rankings

The Eastern Mediterranean University enjoys significant positions in the international rankings. It falls in the band of 151–200 in the Young University Rankings 2019 of the times higher education world university ranking. It also falls in the band of 801–1000 in the World University Rankings 2020 of the same source.

  1. Up to 100% of Scholarships for International Students

Another most important reason for studying at Eastern Mediterranean University is that it offers up to 100% of scholarships for international students. The international students can pay their tuition fees as well as living expenses through this scholarship. The living expenses in the country are also quite affordable.

  1. Diverse Undergraduate and Post Graduate Course Programs

Diversity in educational programs is one of the most crucial features for educational institutes across the world. Eastern Mediterranean University follows this feature and offers admission in a variety of undergraduate as well as postgraduate study programs. The students get a vast range of options to select the program according to their interests and get the best education.

  1. Vast Range of Career Opportunities

One of the most important reasons international students should pursue higher education from Eastern Mediterranean University is that it ensures a vast range of career opportunities. Through the diverse course programs, students learn and develop the skills required in professional life. These skills help them explore their career goals and ensure a smooth start.

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