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5 Experiential Marketing Trends For 2020

Ever since experiential marketing solutions came into play, it has become a core part of digital marketing strategies and has leveraged many brands. It has helped brands and customers to connect interactively and emotionally with each other by enabling two-way communications. In the past few years, experiential marketing technology has helped various brands to attract a new fan base which was not part of the brand family earlier. Experiential marketing campaigns are successful in attracting various influencers that help to promote your brand while taking to the next level. Top experiential marketing agencies use various experiential marketing solutions that hold customers’ attention quite quickly. Starting from modern photo booths to carrying out experiential solutions on social or generating a big database, gives your brand the much-desired exposure.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing firms help brands to position themselves well in strategic marketing dynamics. It allows brands to carry experiential marketing campaigns quite well and make it stay ahead of the competition. Brands that focus on building connections are likely to benefit in the long run thereby developing a loyal customer base.

Over the past decade, it has been observed that customers of all industries want to build a strong relationship with the brand. Experiential marketing campaigns are known for fostering a meaningful and strong relationship between a brand and a customer.

As we stepped in 2020, new ideas, trends, marketing techniques are on the rise that helps in attracting a wider audience base. A large number of experiential marketing companies offer experiential marketing solutions that suit the ongoing trend.

Many brands often get confused with what type of experiences the audience enjoys? What makes them engage with the brand interactively? What experiences are resourceful that helps the audience to connect with the brand? The best experiential marketing agencies help in serving the purpose and connect the audience with the brand which later converts into brand loyalty. 

Top 5 Experiential Marketing Trends For 2020

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In this article, we will share the top 5 experiential marketing trends for 2020. It will help digital marketers to plan and execute their strategies accordingly thereby attracting more and more audiences in 2020.

1. Interactive/modern photo booths 

When we talk about experiential marketing solutions, photo booths are the most trending way used in brand events. It helps in engaging customers with the brand interactively at the event. Gone are the days when traditional photo booths are only used at the event for getting yourself clicked. Today’s modern photo booth ideas not only allow the audience at the event to get clicked but adds an element of fun in the entire event while engaging the audience interactively. Modern photo booths give the privilege to the brands to customize it as per the needs and demands of the brand. Magic selfie mirror, Instagram hashtag printer, etc. are some of the most trending experiential marketing solutions and photo booths that will help any brand to leverage in 2020 by reaching millions across the globe. Top experiential marketing agencies offer these modern photo booth ideas which share the image on social media platforms instantly as soon as you get clicked with event hashtags and gives you a printout of an image instantly, which can be kept as a souvenir of an event. 

 A). Instagram Hashtag Printer

An Instagram photo printer is the latest trend for 2020 that can be encapsulated by brands for carrying out experiential marketing campaigns. Instagram hashtag photo prints are the modern photo booth technique that is a perfect fit for any event. It evokes a sense of fun in the entire event and allows attendees at the event to get clicked. All the top experiential marketing agencies offer an Instagram hashtag photo printer for carrying out experiential marketing campaigns successfully. You can simply upload a picture on Instagram or Twitter with the event hashtag and get it printed instantly at the event.

Hashtag photo printer

 B). Magic Selfie Mirror 

Magic mirror photo booths are another trending experiential marketing solution a brand can opt for in 2020. Just pose in front of a magic selfie mirror touch screen mirror captures full-length photos with a camera inside. The clicked photographs are instantly shared on social platforms. 

magic mirror photo booth

2. AR- VR Interactive technology for events

AR-VR technology is the latest hit and the upcoming trend for 2020 in experiential marketing technology. A large number of experiential marketing companies offer AR-VR solutions for brand events that offer overwhelming experiences to attendees. Augmented reality (AR) places digital photographs in place of green curtain whereas virtual reality (VR) allows attendees to get clicked in the real atmosphere. Digital marketers can plan their strategy and incapsulate AR-VR technology to trend the brand in 2020.

3. Ticketing your experiential events

To carry out experiential marketing campaigns in 2020, ticketing is one of the most trending experiential marketing techniques. A recent research reports that one-third of attendees at the event pay for entering the experiential event which is increasing enormously from the past years. Ticketing can prove beneficial for your audience as well as to clients.  

4. Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is likely to create a buzz in 2020. It helps in creating a buzz about your brand event and strengthen the relationship with customers. Insta marketing helps in building a loyal fan base for a brand for the years to come. It helps in attracting influencers or celebrities that help in promoting your brand. And make it reach millions as audiences get more influenced by the popular public figures. More the share of photographs of the event on social platforms, larger audience base you are likely to reach.

5. Capture key metrics

Collecting the data out of experiential marketing campaigns is a key trend for 2020. It helps in building solid relationships between the brand and the customer. Digital marketers can capture the key metrics out of experiential events to measure the impact of the event attendees. It not only helps in understanding customer satisfaction but an exceptionally excellent way to improve the ROI of an event and make you understand your attendees in a better way. 

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