8 Most Adventurous Activities You Can Enjoy in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with a magical landscape that encompasses mightiest mountains, incredible rivers, and scenic lakes. With so much to offer, Pakistan should definitely be the next destination for adventure lovers. The country features diverse places where people of all nationalities would find something interesting. Recently, the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine has named Pakistan in the list of “Best Holiday Destinations for 2020”.

The exotic beauty of Pakistan attracts thousands of thrill-seekers every year. With the concerted efforts of the incumbent government on the tourism sector, it is believed that Pakistan will be among one of the top destinations for adventurers. Today, we have outlined 8 thrilling activities in Pakistan which will appease the daredevils if they book the cheap flight tickets. It’s time to start our adventure.

1.     Climbing the K2 Peak

Talking about the adventure tours would be totally illegitimate if we exclude the mentioning of this deadliest and most dangerous peak. The famous author Mick Conefery terms the K2 as the “epitome of mountains.” The K2 climb is the world’s most difficult adventure and is a perfect place for the extreme adventurers who have a brewing will to pursue a challenging expedition. The peak towers at 8,611 meters and is notorious for being hostile and least friendly for the trekkers.

Even though it is nearly impossible to climb the whole peak, you can fulfill your hiking appetite at base camp Concordia which is forgiving and doable. However, this place is still not suitable for the faint-hearted as they will instantly run towards their homes.

2.     Skiing In Various Regions

Pakistan hosts various regions where people can enjoy skiing to the fullest. These places offer perfect features for an amazing skiing experience. From the resorts of Malam Jabba to the grounds of Naltar, all the places have a charm that entraps the people for good.

Malam Jabba is located in Swat Valley and houses the first-ever ski resort of Pakistan. Sitting marvelously at the height of 9200 ft above sea level with a backdrop of the Hindu Kush Mountains, Malam Jabba will provide the enthusiasts with an astonishing skiing experience.

Similarly, there are also other places in the north, including Bruzil, Ratu, and Astore, where skiing competitions are held every year. However, you must book the allocation in advance because there are thousands of people like you who want to participate in these adventurous competitions.

3.     Water Rafting

The violent streams and rivers in Pakistan are ideal for not only white water rafting but also other wild water sports. The Neelum River, Swat River, and Hunza River allow kayaking and canoeing like no other place in the world. They have rugged terrain and wide stretches where the raft experts dribble their boats and take over their competitors. If you have a group of four to five people, then you can conveniently accommodate yourself in the nearby hotels that offer all the fundamental amenities.

If you are amateur in rafting, then you can also take the training sessions that are conducted by the various rafting camps. However, you can only find these camps in the northern areas, given that no other part of the country is suitable for rafting.

4.     Cycling On Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway is the world’s highest paved road, and bicycling on this road is an adventure unlike any other where you will be surrounded by dazzling green hills, mesmerizing glaciers lining the roads, and the towering mountains as high as 7,000-meters. Along the route, you will see the unmatched beauty of Central Asian people and their culture. Furthermore, you will also be impressed with their hospitality as they open-heartedly welcome foreigners.

Even though cycling is not a dangerous sport, doing it on the world’s highest highway might not be a good idea for the beginners. Only professional cyclists should go there because the trek is quite dangerous, and the chances of land sliding are always high.

5.     Paragliding in Chakwal

Paragliding is an adventurous sport of flying lightweight and foot-launched aircraft with no primary structure. The pilot sits in an allocated seat that suspends below a fabric wing. The Paraglider flights can cover hundreds of kilometers and last many hours. This sport has a lot of knowledge, thrill, and prolific achievements.

In Pakistan, there are a number of facilities that provide ample training and safety gear. Plus, these sites can also be used as the practical starting points for people of beginner or intermediate level. At Choa Saida Shan near Chakwal, the Gliding Club of Pakistan has developed a facility that caters to every paragliding need. The club offers motorized gliders that are not only safe but also supervised by the officials. Other than that, cities of Bahawalpur, Khanpur, and Karachi also have paragliding points for adventure lovers. Lahore to Karachi flights will conveniently transport the people of Lahore to the paragliding points.

6.     Scuba Diving in Balochistan

Scuba diving is a form of underwater diving where the diver goes deep down the water with a self-contained breathing apparatus, which is entirely independent of the surface. It is done for recreation and other important purposes, including scientific research, public safety, and military combats.

In Pakistan, the best-known place for Scuba Diving is Churna Island, located near the boundary between Balochistan and Sindh. The point has trained personnel who will not only tell you how to dive but also save you from unwarranted consequences. Plus, this attractive island is also perfect for tourists as there are plenty of breathtaking views around the island.

Apart from diving, you can also do cave hunting here. There are a number of packages here that offer not only the entertainment but also the top-notch accommodation. Last but not least, all the things here are amazingly cheaper, thereby making it easier for everyone to come here.

7.     Rock Climbing In Hunza

 The lovers of rock climbing should directly head to the Trango Tower near the Baltoro Glacier, Hunza. However, it would help if you carry your own equipment because there is no way to obtain the ropes and other commodities at the spot. Furthermore, since the Pakistan Air Force mans the glacier, you must carry your identity card and other related documents.

There are also other places such as Neelum Valley, where you can experience the thrill of rock climbing. Unlike the Trango Tower, this place has proper management which can conveniently guide the climbers. They check whether a person is capable of climbing the rocks or not, and they give permission after a proper evaluation.

8.     Trekking in Different Regions

Pakistan offers diverse treks that thrill enthusiasts can take depending upon their preference and fitness. These fascinating points will not only empower you but also compel you to ponder over the heavenly landscape of Pakistan. Here, we are going to unveil some places that will give you a remarkable trekking experience. You can book Serene Air e-ticket to travel from one region of Pakistan to another.

1.      Gilgit Trek

The Gilgit trek is one of the best in Pakistan. However, it is also tough as it offers 360-degree views of the world’s highest mountains. You can trek from Biafo to Hispar Glacier to witness the unique snow lake. Similarly, the K6-K7 Trek and Thalle La Trek are also well known in this area.

2.      Ayubia Trek

Since the trek follows the route of a prominent pipeline, it is also known as the “Pipeline Track.” This path offers a convenient hike from Dunga Gali to Ayubia National Park. For those who hesitate to scramble up mountains, this is a perfect spot. On your way to Ayubia, you will also observe stunning scenery and fresh pine forests.

3.      Passu to Lake Borit

Passu is found in Hunza Valley, where the mountain scenery is truly amazing. The hike begins at a bridge over the Passu River, passing the restaurants and amazing sights. At the end of 19km glacier, you will hit the Passu glacial lake where your trek will end.

4.      Barah Broq Trek

Barah Broq is the perfect place for the people who want to do a multi-day trek but do not want to spend days on glaciers. The trail takes its name from the Barah village, which is about a 3-hour drive from Skardu. The trail starts in a deep gorge and makes it way up to the reaches of Barah Broq. At the height of 4300 meters, you will find two alpine lakes with some of the purest water.

Bottom Line

All the adventurous activities should only be carried out by the professionals. If you are not an expert in something, then never try to get your hands dirty in that activity. If you pursue your adventure dreams with care, then you would undoubtedly remain at a secure side.

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