Acrylic Bongs Are the Best

If you are confused in between plastic bong or acrylic bong, then go for acrylic bongs. These bongs tend to be hardy, but they come in bright colors, interesting shapes, and they are much low in cost in comparison to plastic bongs. They make excellent water pipes for traveling. The down stems bong bowl pieces of plastic bongs are fashioned from metal, glass or heat resistant plastic. But acrylic bong bowl and water pipes tend to make excellent bongs for those who are new in smoking bongs as it is easy to clean with a little 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and are very much reliable. Acrylic bongs work as same as the bongs that are made from metal or glass.

About acrylic 2- chamber recliner bong

In this acrylic bong, a recliner and bubble bong are joined together into two brightly colored chambers for a way cooler and extra smooth smoke. The smoke will travel from the bowl to your lungs with plenty of distance to cool, and it has to pass through water to filter out particulates. Here both the 291mm/11inch tubular recliner section and 171mm/6-inch round bubble chamber with thick rubber bases are connected by two tubes that run between them. As per usual acrylic bongs, this one has a metal bong bowl and stem. The mouthpiece is the angled mouthpiece that makes it easier and more natural to hit.

There are different acrylic bongs like mini acrylic mini bongs up to 3 foot or four-foot acrylic bongs. Whatever the size is, the operation is all the same.

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