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Can I Wrap a Box with Newspaper?

Gift packaging has been a task since a start. There are a lot of materials that are used to pack presents such as wrapping papers, fabrics, foiled or plastic sheets, and custom boxes. These boxes are the most popular among the customers these days because of their uniqueness in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent them most effectively and most economically. Cardboard boxes are the strongest and highly printable, which enhances their outlook and make them the most luxurious. Use cardboard boxes to pack the gift and wrap them with newspaper, which gives them the most astonishing and the most lovable aesthetic appeal, which grabs the attention of the customers and the recipient. You can adore these boxes with different embellishment or with custom stamps that are made according to the type of the present from trendy and modern to vintage or retro. Custom printing makes your gifts more appealing in the most economical manner. How do you show you love, care, and affection to your loved ones? Sometimes words are not enough to tell your loved ones that you care about them or what you feel about them. 


Giving presents is the most popular way to depict affection to someone you love. Not only among family and friends, but gifts are also exchanged for a lot of other reasons, such as;

wrap gift box with newspaper
  • Companies offer bonuses on special occasions to their customers
  • Christmas and other times call for gifts
  • People share tips on bridal or baby shower 
  • Wedding is an event which calls for giving presents to the bride and the groom. 

History of presents

Well, it is known that the practice of sharing presents is as old as a civilization because it is not just a formality, but people exchange gifts out of love. In earlier times, people used to give presents to the people at higher posts to get favours. As the time changed and the product market, packaging, and marketing changed, it businesses opted the trend of offering gifts to their customers as a promotional activity.

Struggles with gift packaging 

 But, the problem comes when it is time to find the right present, and if by any chance you find the most appropriate present for your loved ones, here comes the problem of choosing the packaging to wrap box that instantly grabs the attention of the receiver. 

DIY gift wrapping 

If you are wondering how I should wrap my box in a way that leaves an everlasting impact on the receiver, here is the most amazing and the most impacting idea, newspaper wrapping. Well, wrapping your boxes in the newspaper has a lot of benefits such as it does not only gives a very classy outlook to your product but also help in reducing the waste. What is better than having a most attractive yet sustainable packaging, and that too in the most economical manner?

Wrap box in the newspaper!

Yes, you have heard it right. You can wrap your boxes in the newspaper, adorned with different embellishments according to your choice. Take some old newspapers with printing that is aesthetic in appeal and is proportionate, so that it does not give a tacky outlook. Newspaper gives a nostalgic and classy look to the packaging and adorning them with custom embellishment can enhance the worth of the product, such as;

  • Custom stickers in different colours or names or logos 
  • Personalized printed tags with messages or greetings
  • Use of ribbon to add some color to the product
  • Jute is the way to go if you are all about class and elegance
  • Seal stamps with flowers or petals 
  • Custom foiling on newspaper wraps give a charming and trendy yet stylish outlook

It all depends on your imagination, to what extent you can go when it comes to making excellent and distinguished packaging.

Custom gift wrapping 

If you are looking for a more significant number of products in bulk, which is impossible to do at home, to be honest. You can get custom printed boxes in newspaper pattern that looks not a bit different than a regular newspaper. It offers customized gift wrap boxes that are one of their kind. These boxes are the most versatile and unique when it comes to shapes, sizes, and designs that represent the brand most effectively. You get full freedom of creating the box you want from scratch. Choose the material, determine the right size, and opt for the interactive shapes, and custom printing gives a unique outlook to the product. 

wrap boxes

There are a lot of companies that offer gift wrap boxes wholesale. It is the most suitable option for business or customers who are looking for gift boxes in a vast quantity. Custom wholesale gift wrap suppliers offer lowest rates for product packaging because they deal in bulk. These boxes are cheapest than other alternatives that are available in the market because of bulk order and not because they are any less in quality, durability, and functionality. Wholesale gift wrap supplies do not compromise on the class, but make sure to give customers the packaging up to their standard. Be creative and imaginative with your wrap packaging as you are free to cross the boundaries when it comes to customization.

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