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All You Need To Know About Retail Boxes

When you go to the market, imagine yourself, what you attract you the most? Ask yourself this question then go on reading.

Which makes you feel attracted to the product? When your product comes out in a generic cardboard box, or in attractive, specially branded packaging, doe it shows your uniqueness?

Okay! Imagine, you purchase something from a store. When you take the product to the shopkeeper, he wraps it in personalized packaging and hands you that designed box or bag. Probably, you may not notice it suddenly, but that simple action can have a significant impact on your likelihood to shop.

Custom retail boxes wholesale or packaging doesn’t change the product, it turns how you feel about the company. As well as for a useful or aesthetic purposes, the product now symbolizes the care and attention put in by the brand. There are two primary keys points that we’ll cover. Firstly, great packaging is key to memorable customer experience. And secondly, packaging has become a powerful marketing tool in its own way.

Why Is Custom Retail Packaging Important for Marketing?

Custom branded packaging has proved to increase sales and brand engagement

Psychology says that custom retail packaging has on purchasing decisions. Although we like to think about our needs while buying. There is a strong emotional element, as well. If you ask someone why they took a particular product, most likely they will say it’s ‘good value’. 

A case study published in Psychology and Marketing in 2013, which says brain activity as people see different packaging. The study says that attractive packaging creates stronger activity in the areas of the brain than plain packaging. So, although we are not fully aware of it, what something is attractive that really does affect our purchasing decisions.

This is because packaging helps to develop value-added’. Therefore, we can say that branding and packaging are two sides of the same coin. It presents another great value to get your brand popular and to cover that ‘final stage’ of your communication with your customers.

So, if you’re caught in a puzzle of how to make use of brown cardboard and can’t decide which box is best for your brand and how you will miss out opportunity to express your brand. Not giving your packaging design the best packaging is like writing a fantastic story, but not giving it a satisfying title.

It will leave your customers feeling unhappy and force them to think ‘is that it?’ that why we suggest, providing the best packaging to your brand helps to grow long-term customer relationships and loyalty to your brand.

Here Comes The Question, How To Design Your Custom Retail Boxes?

Above we have discussed why is it essential to customize your box. Now let’s talk about how to consider in your design process.

Keep In Mind Your Brand Story And Theme

As we stated above, the packaging is a fundamental part of telling your business story. Here you want something that shows your customers who you are, where you stand in the market, which is easy to observe.

Small businesses Particularly need custom printed retail boxes and packaging for their success because it often comes from offering something different from the market.  Something unique and personalized.

Okay, when you sit with the graphic designer, or to design your custom packaging, you need to keep in mind what possibly could make your brand unique. What are your brand theme and the philosophy that will drive your company?  What value to put on to attract your customers?

All these questions will help you to bring out the key ideas that you want your packaging will communicate about your business.

Choose a general design that looks great but should have relevance to your company.  

Design Your Unique Box:

Your product is important and also the packaging bag. Make it notable with the color of your brand, size, paper, and print that according to you. When it comes to designing a custom box, keep several things in minds such as type of material, size, look, construction style and color.

Always use Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper box:

Your business stands on your mind to save the environment and also want to remain under your budget.

 Aaaaahhhh! Business on a budget?

Before you finance in luxury custom boxes and also want eco-friendly material, then we advise you to use Kraft paper boxes.

These types of boxes are generally cost-effective and having an attractive option for sales or brand marketing. Kraft paper boxes don’t harm the environment because they are an alternative to plastic, and can be recycled. Yes,100% recyclable.

Types Of Retail Packaging:

Packaging has become an essential part of marketing for most product marketing. To attract customers’ attention that they desire to purchase the product. New packaging techniques and styles are put in place for this purpose.

Other than protection, packaging also gives a clue to let the customers know about the product which is inside with a glance. It further helps in building brands in the market.

There are different types of packaging.

Custom Retail Packaging:

This kind of packaging is explicitly designed for items with irregular shapes and forms. It increases brand awareness and recognition and distinguishes them on the market. It uses specially designed and appealing materials for packaging, which attracts consumers ‘ eyes.

Brand transformation helps to create a unique user interface that provides a market gain market on the practical and aesthetic elements of the package.

Custom packaging is custom made to fit the items, identifying color schemes, shapes, proportions, and product volumes perfectly and clearly. It ensures that the packaged products have minimal movement to avoid transport damage.

Flexible Retail Packaging 


This retail packaging uses different materials which, once opened, lose their form. It is suitable for quick-moving food products. This allows the convergence of goods that are easy to handle in shapes and sizes.

Such a method of wrapping prevents products from dust, odor, moisture and any other factors. The concept offers an excellent business interface that tells the story of the company.  So, with this, you can move comfortably.

Rigid Retail Packaging

The best solution for packaging is Rigid packaging. This type of labeling approach is used, for example, for children’s toys, and for most household items. This style can also be used to move heavy objects. The best example of a rigid form of packaging is containers.

Recycled Retail Packaging:

Customers use recycled products such as glass and plastics in the packaging industry. New processing techniques are also in use to produce quality products for shipping. These materials are environmentally friendly. Recycled packaging fosters eco-friendly methods while fulfilling individual retailers packaging needs.

Eventually, smart advertising allows the consumers to have an emotional attachment to any particular brand. Product images and associations create long-term relationships between the product and the customer. The innovative features in retail packaging boxes and beautiful colors inspire new buyers that have an effect on your branding.

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