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Evening Snacks That Can Help You Sleep Better

It is hard for working professionals to sleep on time. The life of working-class in metropolitan cities like Banglore due to deadlines and workload and the life of students due to the habit of binge-watching has been this way. Amidst doing all or any of this, you lose track of time and realise that it is midnight and you are experiencing some major hunger pangs. Now, what you eat this time matters a lot not just for your health but for your sleep as well. If you take the not so appropriate food item for this time, not even the mattress in Banglore that you are using will be able to make you fall asleep quickly. For instance, you might be craving a cheesy sandwich, burger, pizza or caffeine but all of these are what you must abhor from eating during that time. You should rather prefer fruits and not packaged snacks or sugar in processed form. Why? Because all of these are known to increase the energy levels that can disturb your sleep. But, the question that arises here is, then what is that you should eat at this hour? What if we say that we are going to tell you in this post the food items that are not just healthy but good for your sleep and good in taste as well? Interested? You surely are. Let us tell you what these food items are.

  • Peanut butter on toast and banana-
    The carbohydrates present in whole wheat toast are complex and this is why they take longer to break down. This keeps you full and minimises the odds of you feeling hungry again at night. When you have this with peanut butter which is good fat and Banana which has potassium it lowers the chances of muscle cramping at bedtime.
  • Humhums and celery-

The acid reflux can be alleviated by eating celery. This food item also contains potassium which gives comfort to your muscles while protein and carbohydrates present in the hummus will make you feel fuller and will keep the blood sugar levels stable during the night.

  • Parmesan with popcorns-

Three cups of popcorns are enough to full your stomach, especially with parmesan. So, don’t use butter. This cheese is healthier as it contains tryptophan. This can improve sleep like magic. So, it is a must-try snack. So, sit on your mattress in Banglore while working and eat popcorn.

  • Greek Yogurt-
    Yoghurt contains a lot of nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and various kinds of minerals. This keeps electrolyte in balance and makes sure the muscle and organs work well. It is light for the stomach but still full and it also keeps your gut health in check.
  • Hard-boiled eggs-

Eggs are the healthiest snacks when ate boiled. So, you can eat the white part and leave the yellow part as it has a lot of fat.

  • Salads-
    The salads can also make you quite full and you can use salad dressing to make it tastier.
  • Bowl of cereals with skim milk- Cereals is also a great option for a bedtime snack.

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