Overview and Functions of Seedbox

The primary concern that strikes our mind when upload or downloading files via torrent is privacy, and the insecurity of getting hacked. It is the only reason why people generally hesitate to download large files due to security issues. With the progress in technology, it has become quite easier for online hackers to use torrent as a common tool for online data theft and interrupting privacy. 

In today’s digital age, things have started changing as people nowadays tend to use Seedbox over VPNs – as a practical alternative.   

What is Seedbox?

Seedbox is a high-bandwidth cloud-based remote server that is secured for upload and download torrent from a peer-to-peer network. It is perfectly designed to download digital files. It aids hiding the IP address of users and makes it difficult for hackers to identity. Hence, it makes upload and download of online files safe and secured. There are several other advantages related to seedbox.

Types of Seedbox

This cloud-based remote server is generally of three types, which are as follows-

  • VPS Remote Server

It is designed in such a way that users can share the hosting with a peer. It indicates that the dedicated server is equally divided using Xen or VMWare. Hence, each part of this dedicated server is offered to the individual user.  

  • Dedicated Remote Server

It is designed to access the entire resource and does not allow to share even a single file with other peers. 

  • Shared Remote Server 

It facilitates multiple users to access the resource. With this server, users are provided with individual HDD slots, which keeps users detached from each other. 

Benefits of Seedbox

Other than the security benefits, Seedbox is important for multiple other benefits, which are as follows-

  • Streaming Videos: This remote server is responsible for streaming online videos at a high speed of ratio. It hosts media files and permits users to maintain their files and keep them organized. Seedbox works as a media center and allows users to own their various collections. 
  • Eliminate Bandwidth Blocking: It is common among ISP (Internet Service Provider) to purposely trim down the bandwidth, making it slower to process online files. This remote server eliminates all such problems and allows users to upload, download or stream online videos on torrent easily. 
  • Speedy Upload and Download of Files: It is adopted mainly for its speed upload and download of online files. Its bandwidth ranges from 100MBPS to 10 GBPS, which offers enough storage to download multiple or large files without slowing down the connection. It further assures to provide 1:1 download and upload ratio, so there no problem exist while processing the digital files. 

Functions of Seedbox

Seedbox is mainly used for torrents, like upload and download online files. Because of its BitTorrent Protocol features this remote server is very powerful in delivering high speed. It is designed for peer-to-peer sharing of digital files over the internet. It is also helpful for transferring large-sized files from one server to another peer. 

If you connected it with a high-end speed network, you can easily download files from several torrent sites. It can be further downloaded using FTP, HTTP, Rsync, or SFTP Protocols in a device. Seedbox can also be used on several platforms, like Linux, Windows, Mac, and other operating systems.  Hence, if you are in search of a remote server for torrent downloading, you can simply go for a seedbox than VPNs. There are multiple such remote server options, which are featured with VNC connection. So, it will be no mistake to refer a seedbox is a torrenting partner for frequently torrent users. 

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