Heat your Home & Business with a Cost-Effective Alternative

LPG gas is a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective option when compared to other methods of heating and cooking, such as electricity. It is for those above-mentioned reasons why many businesses and homeowners are opting for gas installation services. More people are wanting LPG gas installed in their homes or businesses to reduce their negative impact on the environment and their carbon footprint, as well as save on unnecessary costs in the process. (Information source:

Gas installation services are mainly found in hospitality industries, such as restaurants and cafés, as well as in laboratories, hospitals and establishments with industrial cooking equipment. There are several commercial uses for LPG gas, which is why the above-mentioned industries have opted for gas installation services. Cooking equipment, such as gas stoves, geysers and various other appliances can be installed at commercial establishments, allowing them to save on extra costs, as well as reduce their carbon footprint with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Residential areas are also able to take advantage of LPG gas and, as such, gas installation services in residential areas is on the rise and more people are starting to realise the power of gas. Appliances like geysers, which most homeowners leave on 24/7, as hot water is a necessity, can be replaced from electricity to gas. Thereby, helping them make a saving. Gas braais are also a gas installation service that is steadily increasing in the homes of many South African citizens.

When you have gas installed at home or at your business it is imperative that the company who does the gas installation service gives you a COC certificate upon completion. A COC is a Certificate of Compliance and it indicates that the service adheres to the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act of 2009. A COC certification only lasts for five years. After which, you will be responsible for scheduling another gas installation service, such as a re-inspection, where appliances are inspected after the initial installation. A re-inspection will ensure that the appliances are functioning as they should, check for any faults and fix them.

When opting for gas installation services, always ensure that the company you choose to do the installation with is able to give you the required certification. This ensures that any gas appliance installed at either your home or business is followed by your country’s rules and regulations regarding gas.

You shouldn’t opt for a gas company that doesn’t give you the appropriate certification, as it could result in a faulty installation, which could be extremely hazardous to you and your neighbours. You may also face other problems if you want to sell your house, but you cannot produce the appropriate certification. Real estate agents will tell you that all your gas appliances should either be removed or inspected so that you can qualify for a COC certificate, which will enable you to then put your house on the market with the gas appliances.

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