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How auto-flowering seeds can be grown?

Autoflowering feminized seeds are in higher demand these days.  There are certain important factors that decide their growth and you should now about them in order to get the best auto-flowering seed mix pack. You do not require planning for any artificial lighting for their growth. They can be grown both outdoors and indoors. The plants are not much bog and thus they can be easily maintained. They have innumerable harvesting chances in a season. Different useful techniques can be implemented for making their growth faster along with increased productivity. Autoflowering plants can be of different varieties and thus the growth pace or rate of these plants might vary from one variety to another.

How auto-flowering seeds grow?

  • Climatic influences: Vegetative growth receives a greater influence from climatic changes. Here, there is no requirement of following photoperiod life-cycles. Either early March or late September is found to be the most prominent season that encourages the growth of auto-flowering feminized seeds. Enough of warmth is required for these seeds and rainy seasons come with great threats to these seeds. These seeds should be stored and germinated within greenhouses so that they can be protected against unwanted rain showers. Greenhouse temperatures are being perfectly maintained and this is why these seeds grow in a completely healthy manner.
  • Training plants: It is definitely quite an essential thing that cannot be ignored especially if better yields are expected. Trained plants can grow healthily. Within almost two weeks trained auto-flowering plants can grow in full. Apart from plant topping, low-stress training can also be included in making the growth smoother and faster. The topping should be stopped as soon as the plants start flowering. Conservative pruning can be very much helpful as it assists in healthy growth but it should be limited to only one week especially at the time of flowering.
  • Gradual harvesting: These plants do not require much time for developing canopies and thus the buds are kept lower down towards the plants. Therefore, sequential harvesting is now considered as one of the best strategies. After taking the colas more time should be allowed for dancing up lower buds before next harvesting.
  • Easy feeding: Heavy feeding is not required for encouraging the growth of auto-flowering plants rather they need to be fed easily and slowly. Since their vegetative cycle is shorter in comparison to other plants therefore heavy feeding will be completely a waste. Their need for vegetation growth nutrients especially nitrogen is very lower. They utilize very nicely the number of nutrients they are being fed and this is where they are quite different from other plants.
  • Preparing the next lot: It is always better preparing next bathes during harvesting of the present ones and in this way both time and energy can be saved. This is how the production of auto-flowering seeds will increase like anything. Here, lighting is not a problem at all as these plants always grow under normal light. The room should make a continuous production of auto-flowering seeds if the concerned procedure is being followed on a sincere note.

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