How to Build a Mansion using only Cardboard Boxes

Having a playhouse is the dream of every kid, and you can turn their imaginations by making a toy mansion for your kids easily at home. You can make use of different materials for the execution of this DIY project. For this, nothing can beat empty cardboard boxes as they provide you ease due to flexible nature.

They are also widely available in the house due to their wide use in industry as they are used for product packaging and can be found easily. You just need to gather essential resources such as empty cardboard cartons and some essential tools such as scissors, glue, paper cutter, ruler, etc. and you are good to go.

Gather the Resources

The first-ever step for any DIY is to gather all the essential resources that are essential for the construction of the mansion. The primary material for the construction of the mansion is card stock acquired from empty containers, but we will be required to have the cutting tools and assembling items in order to give the final shape to the box house. Here are some important accessories; you will be required to have.

  • Empty custom cardboard packaging for the primary construction
  • Cutting tools such as scissors and paper cutter
  • Ruler to mark the dimensions
  • Pen and pencils
  • Embellishment items such as wrapping paper and poster colours
  • Glue and tape

Finalize the Design and Copy Template

Once you have got all the essential resources, you are required to finalize the design of the mansion which you want to make. You can go for an online search on the internet to get some help related to design and the required dimension and template. After finalizing the design, you have to copy the required template. You can make use of a printed template to mark the dimensions or can go for custom measurements according to your desires.

Assemble the Desired

After finalizing the design and copying the dimensions, you have to start assembling the containers. The process consists of many sub-steps, and you have to consider many factors during this stage, here are some simplified steps which you can follow.

Cut the Container in Half:

The first step in the assembling is to cut the Custom Cardboard Boxes into two equal parts. You are required to mark a line in the middle of the container by using a marking pen. Place a ruler on the line and align the paper cutter with the ruler in order to get clean cutting. Cut the container in two equal flaps but by leaving one side uncut.

Add Floors

The next step requires adding decks in the containers in order to construct small floors. The number of decks can depend upon the height of the container you are using for making the mansion. You can place plain sheets of cardboard with the help of hot glue to finish the process. 

Consider the Attic 

An empty carton of cardboard to acquire plain sheets of card stock to make the attic out of it. You will be required to have a long sheet, perforated from the centre to get the desired angle of the top roof. Use tape or glue to hold the upper roof on position.

Add Stairs

The primary construction is complete; you have to add the stairs in your mansion. Use long zigzagged strips of card stock to make the stairs and place them in their position 

Don’t forget the Furniture

In the same way, you can also make use of card stock to make small furniture out of it. You can make simple sofas, bed, and other miniature furniture out of cardboard for giving life to your creation.

Furnish the Mansion

Once the basic construction of the mansion is ready, it is time to embellish the mansion. As they are manufactured of custom cardboard boxes wholesaleit is easy to use poster colours and wrapping paper on the material due to a highly customizable nature. You can use wrapping paper to enhance the outer visuals of the mansion and can also utilize poster colours to furnish the interior. In this way, you can make an appealing toy mansion for your kids and help them in creative play.

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