Is Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Program A Bliss Or A Curse?

When it comes to drug or alcohol treatment, people hover between two programs – inpatient alcohol treatment and outpatient alcohol treatment. It becomes hard for them to decide which one would be fruitful, despite having their own pros and cons.

Before we start with the topic – whether alcohol outpatient treatment is bliss or curse, you need to understand how this program differs from the inpatient treatment program. 

The inpatient treatment program is a short term process that needs 24hour medical support with no disruption in regular lifestyle. Whereas, the outpatient treatment program is a long term process where you are allowed to continue your routine work and simultaneously undergo this treatment. Despite having this difference, both the programs are designed to treat serious addictions related to drugs or alcohol.

Now since you are aware of the definition, it’s time to learn whether it is good to undergo an alcohol outpatient treatment program or to avail the another option.

The high demand for the alcohol outpatient programs Orange Country signifies that there is no wrong in undergoing such treatments. The reasons are perfectly described in the following section.

Is it good to opt for the alcohol outpatient programs? 5 Reasons to disclose

  1. No break in care: Outpatient treatment program is indeed a long recovery process but that doesn’t mean it is a waste of time and money neither it offers a lower success rate. The program is as equal as the inpatient treatment program except for the way the patients are treated.

    In this program, the patients are allowed to perform their regular activity, parallelly continuing the treatment. The hours of participation may differ from the inpatient treatment program, but there is no such day when they are not treated with proper medicines. There is no break in the treatment or therapy and it continues till the day the patient completely recovers.  
  2. Access to plenty of resources: Another reason that has a strong point of view is the accessibility of resources. Undergoing this outpatient treatment you get the freedom to access multiple resources which you may not have if you undergo inpatient treatment programs.

    Resources include the transportation facility, access to therapists, and appointment of psychiatrists. In the middle of the day, when you have an appointment with your doctor for the therapy, you will be provided a car or a transport to pick you up and return you back once the treatment is done. Such resources are unlikely to happen with the inpatient program.
  3. Partial hospitalization: Alcohol outpatient treatment programs are mainly conducted at home or at a doctor’s chamber where you hardly spend a few hours for the treatment. As a result, there is no question for hospitalization. Even if it is required, it would be a partial one. This trims down the treatment cost a lot, making it cost-effective and affordable for the patient.
  4. Building a sober community: Outpatient treatment programs are great. Do you know why? Because they contribute a lot to building a sober community. In such treatments, you get the freedom to hangout with the sober people, building good social contact and a good community every day.


Outpatient programs may be time-consuming but that doesn’t imply they include low-quality treatment. Therapies, medicines, and other psychiatric treatments remain the same but it takes time to react.

In search for drug or alcohol rehab? Avail the alcohol outpatient programs Santa Ana area and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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