Keep Your CPAP Machine Clean Automatically

CPAP machines should be kept in clean and tidy condition. There are many reasons behind it. Most importantly, you breathe through this machine and thus, you wouldn’t want to breathe in bacteria or dusts, especially when you already suffer from breathing problem and thus, have opted for a CPAP machine in the first place. Secondly, the efficiency of the machine also increases if it is kept clean and thus, the lifespan of the machine itself increases.

There are two basic ways of cleaning your CPAP machine. The first is, obviously, the manual way. Here the recommended way is, take apart the machine and wash each part separately. Keep the battery and electrical circuits safe from water. Use mild detergent water or baby soap to wash these parts. Then, the parts are to be cleaned using special CPAP wipes and let dry. Once completely dry and free from water particles, they should be assembled back.

The better way is the automatic CPAP cleaning machines. There are many companies who offer CPAP cleaning machine but Soclean CPAP cleaner is probably the most popular variation. These machines offer through and professional CPAP cleaning with minimum human intervention. You don’t need to take apart the machine parts either. These machines will wash and remove dust particles, bacteria, germs and fungal infection from your CPAP machine and mask and offer you a completely clean breathing apparatus. These machines mostly work with every type of CPAP machine but its best to check whether your particular model is compatible with the cleaner or not.

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