QuickBooks Error 1324 The Folder Path Contains Void Character

Whilst putting in a utility in home windows, you may get the errors 1324 to the folder direction includes an invalid person to account. This is generally as a result of an invalid man or woman within the user profile. If you suffering From this error Contact Our QuickBooks Support team

Restore 1 – Deploy below unique profile

see if you could install the software program the usage of an extraordinary consumer account. This restore appears to do the trick for most. Maintain the windows key and press “r” to convey up the run conversation. Kind logout, then press input. Try to login with a brand new user (if available). If you don’t have another account, you may try to create a new account. Try to set up the software again. 

Fix 2 – fix shell folders via registry

hold the windows key and press “r” to convey up the run conversation. Kind “Regedit“, then press input The registry editor appears. Navigate to the subsequent vicinity inside the home windows registry.

  • hkey_current_user
  • software
  • Microsoft
  • home windows
  • Current version
  • explorer
  • shell folders

Open the “private” cost and make certain that the “price data” is set to “c: users<username>my files“. In which it says <username> might be your real username. 

For instance, if your username is “smith“, you’ll want the fee to mention “c: users smith files“ repeat those steps each of the following registry keys:

hkey_current_user  software program Microsoft windows current version explorer user shell folders key_local_machine  software Microsoft windows current version key_local_machine software program Microsoft home windows current version explorer shell folders

key_local_machine  software program Microsoft windows current version explorer user shell folders near the registry editor, then restart your computer. Try to install the software program re-start. 

Restore 3 Get rid of the invalid individual from the registry

Microsoft has an offer that announces to eliminate the invalid character from the registry if you’re aware of what the invalid person is. You may search the Windows registry for the invalid man or woman this is displayed in the 1324 error message and replace all instances of the invalid character with an appropriate man or woman. 

As an example, if the 1324 error message refers to “system32/”, you need to look for “system32/”. In case you find any patterns in the registry, fix them so that the registry values correctly reference the system32 folder. Store the windows key and then press “r” to convey up the run conversation. 

Type “Regedit“, then press “input“. The registry editor appears. Pick out “edit” > “locate“. Type the invalid character in the “locate what” field, then select “discover subsequent“. If the invalid man or woman is discovered, exchange it. Press f3 to hold looking.

 Fix 4 – Unhide the drive

in case you are in an educational or company environment services, organization policy may be used to set the house directories and disguise the drive. I have visible this reason troubles with software program installations. Make certain the home force isn’t set to a hidden power, and the software should install just high-quality.

Causes of error 1324

AutoCAD is unable to find the default Windows “Shell’ folders.


To resolve the error, use the subsequent process: If the shell folders don’t exist, produce the quality Windows My Document folders on the native machine.

  1. C:\Users\\Desktop
  2. C:\Users\\Music
  3. C:\Users\\Pictures
  4. C:\Users\\Videos
  5. C:\Users\\Documents
  6. Confirm that the subsequent folders exist:
  7. C:\Users\Public\Desktop
  8. C:\Users\Public\Music
  9. C:\Users\Public\Pictures
  10. C:\Users\Public\Videos
  11. C:\Users\Public\Documents

Backup the following 2 reproduced statement folders located here to the desktop. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\\Explorer\Shell Folders HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\\Explorer\User Shell Folders Within the

written account, act all redirected systems within the on top of 2 papers to purpose to the native ways designed antecedently.


My photos and private written account values within the on top of 2 locations are crucial during this method. If they’re referencing either a mapped drive like \\ \\ or a user profile like \My Documents they ought to be changed to plain Windows routes: C:\Users\ \My Documents\

Install the program and confirm the merchandise runs properly.


Problems caused by improperly written material the Windows written account may render your pc OS unusable. Microsoft provides a wealth of essential data that you simply ought to realize the written account within the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Our QuickBooks Online Support team always helps you.

Use the Microsoft written account Editor solely at your own risk and only once backing up the registry as printed for your OS within the Microsoft article a way to copy and restore the registry in Windows and in the connected resolution a way to back up the system registry. further data concerning the written account is additionally contained within the facilitate topics in the Microsoft written account Editor.

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