How to Pay and Manage QuickBooks Online Bill Payment

In any business, wee need to transaction money from one firm to another firm. Quickbooks online solution also supports bill payment. Quickbooks online bill payment has only two methods to pay the bill. First, you can pay a bill with the help of a cheque. And the other is paying bills on-line victimization each choice is integrated into the Quickbook on-line. Let’s see a lot of regarding it. If you have any Problem to pay a bill in QuickBooks Online then you will Contact Our QuickBooks Support in Montana.

Why You Should Use QuickBooks Online Bill Paying

QuickBooks on-line bill payment service is good for businesses that need to see once and the way their bills are paid, however, favor to have a 3rd party method for bill payment. If you’ve got vast accounts due and are troublesome to remain on prime of creating on-time payments, you must use the QuickBooks online bill payment service.

When we have to be compelled to use the QuickBooks online bill payment service, you’ll initial got to enter your bills into QuickBooks then pay them pattern the QuickBooks on-line bill payment facility. By paying bills in QuickBooks, your bills are reaching to be paid mechanically, which suggests that they’re not outstanding. The balance due in your account can mechanically update to replicate the bill payment. As mentioned, you’ll be able to book bills or pay mistreatment the payment service integrated into QuickBooks.

If you always pay your bills as presently as they are available con to expecting the bill, then you are doing not need to use the QuickBooks online bill payment facility. Instead, you’ll be able to merely write a sign in QuickBooks.

How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks via Check

To pay bills in QuickBooks via check, you may complete four steps. First, you may navigate to the Pay Bill window. Second, you may opt for the bills to pay. Third, you may verify all of your bill payments within the registry. Fourth, you’ll be able to print checks directly from QuickBooks to pay bills.

QuickBooks has four steps to pay bills via check:

Navigate to Pay Bills

On your homepage, you will see the Plus icon on the top of the screen

After that In the next screen, choose “Pay Bills” which is placed under the Sellers column below:

Select Bills for Payment

In the next screen, the Pay Bill window should be displayed. Since bills were first recorded, most of the areas on this screen will be completed. You just need to choose which bills you want to pay.

Which bills would you like to pay as described below:

  • Payment Account: choose from the menu and therefore the checking account from that you’ll get the payment.
  • Payment Date: Input the date of refund, which can sometimes be your check date.
  • Bill notifications: concentrate on any bill notifications. QuickBooks provides an outline of the quantity of open (outstanding bills). Any delinquent bills are documented with Associate in Nursing punctuation, as shown within the screenshot on top of.
  • Bill selection: Clicking on the hold in the primary column, that bills you wish to pay. looking at your choice, QuickBooks can place a checkmark during this column.
  • Payee: Enter the name of the corporation or person you’re paying. Usually, this may be your seller’s name, however, if, for a few reasons the receiver is completely different from your seller’s business name, you’ll be able to update the vendor profile with this info. within the Setting merchant tutorial, we have a tendency to go step by the tread on the way to come upon your vendors in QuickBooks.
  • Ref no: No action is needed during this field because it solely displays the invoice variety of the vendor.
  • Due Date: Review this field to ascertain the maturity of the bill. Note that if the bill is owed, QuickBooks can prompt you with Associate in Nursing punctuation.
  • Open Balance: Shown during this field is that the unpaid (open) quantity for the invoice, additionally referred to as accounts collectible.
  • Credits applied: No input is needed during this field. Instead, if you’ve got entered into any credit memos received from your provider, they’ll show here to cut back the number you owe.
  • Payment: No input is needed during this space, however, review to create certain that it reflects the number you wish to pay. QuickBooks can mechanically populate this space with the overall quantity due. However, you’ll be able to pay but the overall quantity because of typewriting directly during this field.
  • Total Amount: No input is needed during this field because it can mechanically populate with the Payments column.
  • Total Payments: Review this field to ascertain the overall payments to be paid.
  • Starting check number: If you’re able to print the check currently, enter the initial check variety that you just can load into the printer. If this is often your 1st time printing checks, then the way to check our QuickBooks on-line and wherever to print a QuickBooks check for step directions for printing checks in QuickBooks on-line.
  • Print Later: If you print a check at a later date, place a mark during this box.
  • Save: you’ll be able to save and print or save and shut the bill payment window.

Review the payment within the register

After saving your bill payment choices, navigate to the record to verify the payment was entered properly in QuickBooks. Once you’re within the register menu, you’ll review all fields to form positive everything was input properly.

The QuickBooks register contains a short description of the fields:

  • Check the date: this is often presently the date of the check, however, it’ll update as shortly because the check is written.
  • Ref No / Type: during this field, you may see the “To Print” field. Once the check is written this field is updated to mirror the check range. Now you have to see below to print”, you may see the bill payment. QuickBooks provides bill payment because of the group action kind for these payments.
  • Account: Below the money dealer, you may see Accounts collectible. TIP: with the exception of bank account, it’s another account that’s affected whereas paying bills. See the consequent section for added data on however the payment of bills affects monetary statements.
  • Balance: This column shows the balance within the checking account once these payments are created. TIP: QuickBooks can scale back the balance within the checking account whether or not you written the check or not.


QuickBooks is an Associate in accounting package developed and marketed by comprehending. QuickBooks product is primarily designed for little and medium-sized businesses and provides on-premises accounting applications in addition to cloud-based versions that enable businesses to just accept payments, manage bills and pay to try and do, and perform payroll functions. Quickbooks two methods for paying your bill through Quickbook online payment option. Use this option and enjoy your accounting easily. Our QuickBooks Customer Service team Easily Solve Your Problem.

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