The Most Popular Beverage in The World

You wake up in the morning, do some of your morning routine and then head straight into the kitchen to make a nice hot cup of coffee – so does about half of the world. Coffee is one of the most popular hot and cold beverages in the world. Iced coffee, hot coffee, coffee cake, coffee biscuits and even coffee skincare products are enjoyed worldwide! We have found several ways to incorporate this bean into our daily lives and therefore, wholesale coffee beans in South Africa are steadily on the rise in popularity. (Information source:

Wholesale coffee beans in South Africa have found a host of uses, considering the fact that South Africa as a whole goes through more than 200 000kgs of coffee beans. That’s a lot of coffee and one of the reasons why wholesale coffee beans is a popular choice among them.

Wholesale coffee beans are used mainly in big corporations, small to medium sized offices, restaurants, cafés, hotels or any place where you can spend the night and can even be found in the homes of avid coffee lovers! When you buy wholesale coffee beans, you have the option of purchasing a few different bean strains, making the most out of your wholesale coffee bean order. It’ll also help you identify which bean strain you prefer the most so that when you order wholesale coffee beans, you know which one to buy more of.

You should, however, when buying wholesale coffee beans, at least have a small sample of what the coffee tastes like, as different coffee bean strains have different tastes and you want to ensure that you go for your favourite one.

You should also consider the quality of the coffee beans before you buy wholesale coffee beans. If the quality is only sub-par, then the taste of the coffee will be too. When we buy anything in bulk, we know we are making a saving. Larger quantities will also last longer, meaning you’ll need to know how to store the coffee beans properly, so they don’t lose their flavour.

If you’re buying wholesale coffee beans for all the coffee lovers at home, you should consider recycling the old coffee grounds instead of throwing them away in the bin. Coffee grounds can be used for compost in your garden. The best factor when you do this is that you keep the pests away. Coffee grounds can double as an insect repellent, as they don’t like the smell.

When you buy wholesale coffee beans, you should go to the wholesaler and explain to them what your preference in coffee is, such as whether you prefer a light, medium or strong coffee taste. If so, you should tell the supplier which strength you are looking for. When buying wholesale coffee beans for a restaurant or café, be sure to buy a light to medium strength so your customers will always enjoy a cup of coffee at your establishment. If you buy wholesale coffee beans that are of the highest strength, you run the risk of having customers complain that your coffee is too strong.

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