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Tips for Selecting Wall and Floor Tiles

Tiles are one of the most popular wall and flooring solutions used nowadays. Apart from being durable and strong, they also provide your home with a classy look. Easy to clean and maintain, they are available in a wide array of designs and colours which blend easily with the decor of your house.

There are many popular brands of tiles out there. There are hundreds of options in different categories in case of tiles for both floors and walls. There are stone, vitrified, cement, porcelain, ceramic, quartz, glass, and marble tiles, making it a great challenge to make a decision.

Because of the plethora of options available in the market, it is a challenge to select the best tile for the right space. In case you wish to make an informed decision about choosing tiles for space, here are some tips to follow:

  • Stick To Basics

The first step is to choose the type of tile required. In the case of floors, vitrified tiles happen to be the best option because they can endure heavy traffic. In the case of walls, you may select either porcelain or ceramic tiles because they will not absorb any stains or are non-porous. In the case of outdoors, it is best to choose either tile, which is anti-skid, to prevent slips.

  • Choose The Right Size

Tiles nowadays can be found in a wide variety of sizes. A few popular sizes in case of floors are 800 x 800 mm, 610 x 610 mm, 600 x 600 mm, and 300 x 600 mm. Wall tiles are found mostly in sizes like 300 X 600 mm, 300 x 450 mm, and 250 X 350 mm. As per experts, big format tiles render an appearance of spaciousness to space. But it is also recommended to match the size of tiles to the size of the room.

In case the room is smaller, and you use big size tiles on the floor, the room may appear even smaller. In the case of a room of this type, it is advised to go in for tiles with a format of medium size like 250mmx350mm. Additionally, it is a great idea to choose the size which entails a minimal amount of wastage and cutting. For instance, in case your room is sized 6 x 5 feet, then choose tiles, which are multiples of the size of rooms.

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  • Select Right Finish

Through digital printing, the recreation of any pattern can be etched on a tile. But the design and pattern need not be the sole deciding factor. It is crucial to note the appropriate finish, also. Tiles with stone finish are perfect for exteriors while glossy tiles appear great on walls.

For bedrooms, experts recommend wood finishes because they render a warm sensation, while for kitchen and bathroom walls, experiments can be done with plain tiles combined with mosaics and metallic. In the case of living rooms, some natural designs and finishes are advised. Still, for restaurants, it is advised to search for high resistance, anti-skid, vitrified tiles featuring a design or pattern which suits the decor of the room.

  • Selecting The Right Colour

Regarding floors, it is typically advisable to choose light colours to fashion a close look for indoors like light shades of marble tiles Melbourne. One can try darker colours for outdoor walls and floors. Rooms look more airy and spacious with light colours, while it is easy to maintain dark colours.

  • Plan In Advance

Always buy an extra 5 to 10% tiles than needed. This accounts for any breakages or cuts in case you have these. The majority of companies will provide a refund for boxes of tiles that are unused.

  • Use The Right Grout

Though there happened to be a trend for using contrast grouting sometimes, it is constantly recommended to make use of a grout that matches the colour of the tiles. You should focus on using thin grout lines and render them as less visible as possible.

  • Assortment And Fusion

Though a spacious and consistent feel is offered when a single kind of tile is laid over a complete surface, you can try creating borders on floors or a mix of double complementary tiles. In the case of walls, one can use even three tile types to fashion interesting and unique decor. You can try various combinations like medium format tiles with mosaic tiles, plain ones with metallic tiles, etc. Many tile manufacturers sell a pre-set combination of tiles.

  • Absorption Of Water

This happens to one crucial technical detail to understand the strength of tiles. Tiles are more durable when they have less water absorption.
In sum, tiles are regarded as an investment for healthful living and easy maintenance.

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