Top Tips on How To Make Money in Real Estate

The real estate sector has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and has become a goldmine of income. However, people are always skeptical before investing in the real estate sector. For newbies, the following tips will help in getting started in real estate and make money.

Appreciation of property

An increase in the value of the property is called appreciation and is a major way of earning profit. Selling the property at increased value is the advantage of high appreciation. Thus, you need to know about various types of properties and the factors affecting their appreciation.

Raw land or undeveloped land appreciates as the possibility of development of the land increases. If you are looking to invest in raw land, it is better if you opt for an undeveloped land within the outskirts of an expanding city. This is because as the city expands, the developers start looking for raw lands outside the city limits for building houses and other properties, thereby increasing the value of such lands.

In the case of residential property, the value can be increased by your own efforts, such as adding extra rooms, renovating the kitchen or bathroom, or some other home improvement. The location also determines the appreciation of the residential property. The value jumps as new roads are constructed in the neighborhood, new schools, or hospitals open near the property or other public amenities such as shopping centers are added.

The appreciation of commercial properties depends upon location, local development, and improvements. It is better to invest in the best commercial properties to get good profits since such properties are always in the eyes of buyers.

Residential rentals

In the current times, the prices of houses are high, and the interest rates of home loans are also rising. Thus, most people prefer renting houses. In this scenario, long term renting of residential property is a smart investment method in the real estate sector. A residential property in a good location is ideal for putting on long term rental. This is because it not only ensures a good rent, but the value of the property also increases over time. For new investors with not much experience in the real estate market, investing in small family homes for long term rentals is suitable because small family homes can be easily purchased and also does not require much maintenance. Long term rental ensures consistent cash flow.

Hold the property

It is important to hold on to property even when the real estate sector undergoes a slump. The right course of action is to hold on to the property during the market downturn. The value of your property will increase the longer you hold on to it.


You can choose to lend short-term loans to property investors who do not qualify for a mortgage. Since the interest rates are high, you get a good return on investment. Also, you build your capital and also establish networks in the real estate market.

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