Whether to Choose Acupuncture for Back Pain Relief or Not? Find the Answer Below!

Back pain can be severe and can affect the day to day life and impact other activities as well. Along with a range of medication tried by a person for the treatment, there are various side effects they might bring. This is the reason that various alternative medicines are catching up really quick and yielding fruitful results for a person. One among these is acupuncture, the traditional Chinese therapy for regulating the energy flow in the body.

But these might raise questions and eyebrows on whether it should be used for treating Back Pain or not. Some might also raise safety issues and harmful effects that it can lead to. If you are also looking for a definite answer, read the article through and make the decision yourself.

Lower back pain is one of the most common health issues reported and most people seek treatment for it. Various studies conducted time and again show that there are signs of improvement in the condition and pain for those choosing acupuncture. According to the guidelines by the American College of Physicians and American Pain Society showed that it should be considered as an alternative treatment not helped by conventional treatment. The procedure stimulates the CNS and triggers it to release chemicals into the muscles.

Some theories suggest that it works by speeding the relay of electromagnetic signals and hence start the release of endorphins. Other things suggested include that it can change the chemistry of the brain with the alteration in the release of neurohormones or neurotransmitters. But before choosing acupuncture for the treatment of Back Pain, some crucial things must be noted by the person. The first among them is getting in touch with a seasoned and trained acupuncturist for reducing the chances of side effects. If you do not research properly before the treatment, there might be the risk of punctured organs or infections.

Also, if an individual is trying acupuncture after everything has failed, it is crucial to discuss it with the doctor. It is also vital to discuss the medications you have been taking before the procedure. Make sure that your doctor knows about the condition if you are pregnant, have any implants or wear a pacemaker. Additionally, the doctor might guide you to an experienced acupuncturist who would bring the right solution for you. An individual should also confirm how many sessions will be needed and the costs involved therein.

Apart from this, get to your medical insurance company to know whether the expenses of acupuncture for Back Pain can be covered or not. All this will help a person in getting the right treatment and get the expenses of the medical care extended, covered.

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