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4 Things To Consider For A Perfect Garage Door Installation

A garage door is not only essential to keep your premise secure but also an effective way to glorify the visual appearance of your home. Whether you want to install a new garage door or want to repair the existing one or want to replace it for better functionality. In all cases, there are some important points that you need to consider.

 In this article, I will be discussing 6 crucial things to consider to get an affordable garage door installation. 


It’s better to have an idea of some of the types of garage doors to get the best one for your home. General types of garage doors are:

One-piece garage door

Swing-up garage door

Carriage house style garage door

Swing out garage door

Roll-up garage door

Sectional garage door

Roll-up and the sectional garage door are most commonly used in homes. 

2. SIZE:

The garage door comes up in a variety of sizes, heights, and width. Generally, the size of a single car garage door is 8-10 feet. While the size of a double car garage door is 12-18 feet. 

The bigger the door is, the more expensive it will be! 


There is a huge variety of garage doors available in the market manufactured of various materials and hardware.  Some of the most commonly used material for a garage door is as follows: 


Fiberglass is a lightweight material.  The garage doors made of this material are resistant to stains, rust, and rot.  But it gets yellow with aging. Along with this, it gets cracked in extreme temperature fluctuations. 

Although, fiberglass garage doors are beautiful as well as affordable. But they lack durability. 


$1,500-$2,000 for two car garage door


Aluminum is resistant to weather fluctuations and a poor conductor.  It’s a very good choice for wider doors.  The only issue with aluminum door is that it bends down by time which is not a good thing! Aluminum doors are perfect for farmhouses.


$1,500-$2,000 for two car garage door 


Vinyl garage doors are affordable, light-weight and require poor or no maintenance. These doors are best for the homes with high traffic because it’s able to bear the extreme weather fluctuations and burden of high traffic without showing any sign of distress. 


$900-$1500 for two cars garage door 


Steel garage doors are very robust and durable which makes it the best option for residential use.  These are very easy to maintain as well. The only drawback with steel doors is, they are very heavy and tough to operate. Although these are superbly durable and cost-efficient. 


$500-&3,500 for two cars garage door 


Wooden garage doors are very expensive and require regular upkeep to maintain their normal functionality.  These are suitable for commercial units. 

Composite wood:

Composite wood is easy to maintain, lightweight and easy to operate as compared to wood. Moreover, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as other wooden garage doors.


The cost of wood and composite wood two-car garage door installation is $1,200-$4,000.

garage door replacement


Above all, it’s very important to choose the right garage door company in Phoenix AZ.  Because only a reliable and experienced company can provide you the best services that can pass the test of time.

To choose a suitable company you can wither rely on the internet or ask for your family or friend’s recommendations.  It’s better to check the websites of various service providers and compare their services to choose the best one among them all.

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