A Quick Take on Fantasy Cricket

For a lot of people in India cricket is no longer a sport, virtually it is a form of a religion. Emotions are at play and nothing can match up to a nail-biting finish of a match. Now while you are watching the game with the aid of a fantasy cricket app you can explore your excitement to the next level.

More about fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket is a virtual form of cricket where you go on to formulate your own team on the lines of a cricket match. This is based on the real cricket activity taking place worldwide. You do earn points on the performance of the players in these live matches. Your aim has to be picking the 11 best players on the given day and score more than what your competitors do on this day.

One of the companies Player Sportz has gone on to formulate an innovative and exciting game for the cricket lovers. Here you can indulge in T 20 leagues along with a host of other cricket tournaments occurring all around the world. All the tournaments that are part of an ICC calendar are on offer in this platform.

There is a wrong perception that fantasy cricket is about luck, but it is a game where your predictive and creative skills come into the picture. You need to possess a good understanding of the game along with proper research and you can cope up with any situation. This game has gone on to become easy with an in-house data, with matching analysis and the data where you can compete with players all over the world. In due course of time you can go on to strike it big with a host of cash prizes on offer.

Be part of fantasy cricket and take cash prices on offer

Each one of us wants to be a team owner. You would want to be like a Shah Rukh Khan and own a team. Now fantasy cricket is all about formulation of your own team and how do they perform in give situations. By being part of this game, you can win big and can brag with your colleagues or friends.

As stressed time and time again this game is not about luck and to choose a Virat Kohli who is going to score big for you. So as to score better than your competitors you need to understand the game well, compare statistics of the players and try to locate those players who are going to be a difference and provide you with a final edge.

The formation of a team starts off with choosing one or two wicket keepers, at least 3 batsman or more, followed by 3 bowlers or more and a couple of all -rounder’s would add balance to the game. You might have to vary your combination based on the teams you are playing the game, and even the playing conditions whether it is batting or bowling friendly.

Once you have gone on to choose a team you have to select a captain along with a vice- captain for your team. They are important as they give you 2 and 1.5 points respectively. Your research along with analytical skills would come into play and eventually this could have an immense difference where you can score more than your opponents.

Watch out for the points based on certain actions. Extra points might be there for a direct hit or a bowler who takes more than 3 wickets in a game. At the official site of Player Sportz you can check out the points format.

The fantasy team would earn points over the game and you can keep a tab on it by observing the dashboard to figure out where is your rank and where you might end up finishing. In case if you do not like your positioning in the 1st innings then you can always aim for a better finish in the 2nd Innings.

The moment a match is over results will be declared and if you are placed in any of the winning positions you will receive cash prizes. It is possible to withdraw cash within 24 hours of a completion of a game.

Starting off with fantasy-based cricket

By now we are aware about the basic modules of fantasy cricket, now is the time where we can play the game. First and foremost, in order to play the game you have to download the app. Here once you go on to enter the site, where you have to input your mobile number and the app would be ready to download. A link would be sent directly on to your mobile phone. You can avail the download option by clicking allowing installation from unknown sources and the app is ready to be run on your mobile phone.

How you can go on to play fantasy cricket

To be part of a new fantasy cricket app you need to follow the below steps

  • Figure out a match that you are looking to play
  • You have to choose a team of 11 players
  • The captain along with the vice- captain has to be chosen
  • You have to zero in on a context of your choice by opting for a monetary value
  • You have to follow the match and monitor your progress on the dashboard

The concept of money making has never been as easy as it sounds. Every passing day you can earn cash by playing the game siting in the comfort of your room. Now the key is to outwit your competitors by following a proven set of strategies. To hit the winning jackpot there are some strategies that you can follow

First and foremost,you should not be playing all the games. You need to play only those games where you have gone on to undertake a recent amount of research. No point to plan for all the games at once, as you have to keep a majority of the players for a given game or later.

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