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Brick Paving and Use of Bricks in Driveways ǀ Driveways Bolton

Since being a common practice to use asphalt as the basic ingredient in the making of the driveways and paving. In domestic use, 2-3 inches of asphalt is used to make a strong and long-lasting paving. This kind of paving can last as long as 20 years. Driveways Bolton is the best solution for that.

But a brick paving can last for around 50 years of age. Which is actually the best thing to have. Another thing about the brick paving is that you can get it customized in various designs as per your requirement. Thus, making and giving your outskirts a cool look rather than typical asphalt bed look.

Brick pavers are going to charge you around 5$ per square foot if you do it yourself but the professional installation will charge around 10$-20$ per square feet. And it is very easy to be maintained. You only need to get your bricks paving washed twice a year and get all the weeds etc. removed between them. For the long life of your brick driveways, you should get the bricks sealed after being washed by high-pressure water so they could stay clean but intact.

Apart from brick or asphalt, cobblestone pavers are also used. These are the natural block of the quarried stones used for pavers. Out of all these pavers, brick pavers are the most ancient and have been using for centuries. Therefore, brick pavers are considered economical, long-lasting and durable.

Ancient account for brick use

Man has used mud brick since the 7000 B.C. earlier traces and archeological remains have proven the use of bricks since the early civilization. Brick is therefore considered to be one of the strongest parts of any construction. Ancient Egypt happens to be the first area with warm weather to be using and manufacturing the bricks. We can still find many archeological remains of such old buildings that were made using bricks and stand tall to date.

Roman empire, Indus valley civilization and many more are the sheer example for the use and utilization of bricks in the development and construction purpose. It is, therefore, that bricks are considered one of the best things to be used for construction to date.

Driveways Bolton
Driveways Bolton

It was the 11th century when the roman began expansion and letting the world know about the art of brick making. This knowledge was then spread to Italy to make many historic monuments and buildings that are standing till date. The art and use of brick then spread throughout Europe and was then a major construction part throughout the world.

It is amazing to note that in the USA, by the early 18th century, many brick pavers were uprooted to be replaced by the asphalt. Recently, the local government again converted many streets back to street pavers to keep the originality of it intact.

How it is done?

First of all, a base of prepared sub-grade is made on the are paver needs to be done by bricks. A concrete sheet mixed in a grade geotextile is then placed to give the sub-grade a basic tone and a proper texture. A 100 mm of granular sub base is then spread onto it. In order to get this evenly distributed, the pressure is applied using any heavy rollers or other techniques so the ground gets firm and intact. On the boundary, 100-150mm concrete bed and haunch is placed on which the edge course blocks are placed.

In the middle. 25-40 mm of sand mixed gritty sand course material Is evenly distributed. On this evenly divided concrete, bricks are then placed in a hinged cross method so as they hold each other firmly and stay intact. Adhesion and anti-leaking materials are then placed between the gaps of each grip for extra adhesion and safety of the driveways.

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