Care that must do after Gynecomastia surgery

Many males undergo gynecomastia surgery to rectify the breast, nipple and areola deformities and to restore a normal male breast. the most effective known treatment for gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. This cosmetic surgery procedure removes excess fat and glandular tissue to restore a flatter, firmer and more masculine contour to the chest

Right after the surgery, there is an immediate change in the appearance of the chest. The minimum time to recover after surgery is approximately 4 to 6 weeks and depends on the skin and health of the patient. Your surgeon will ask for full bed rest for two to three days so that the healing process goes smoothly.

As the surgery is done with cuts so it is obvious that the patient initially experiences pain and tenderness in the treated area which can be treated with medication. But this is not a big problem.

If you properly follow all the provided instructions and take complete bed rest then you are going to overcome pain and swelling. After one week you have to go to your doctor to open the stitches.

The following are important things to look for in a healthy recovery:

1. Diet:-

 After the surgery, you have to consume a diet that should be fluid and gradually when treatment is good you can start the phase with solid food intake. Drinking water should be sufficient so that you are safe from dehydration. Alcohol and tobacco are like enemies for the human body. These should be avoided completely after surgery as it harms the health of the surgery.

2. Compression cloth:-

Compression clothing is a very helpful item after surgery and is recommended for early recovery. This is because when you wear compression garments then swelling decreases rapidly and results of anesthesia also improve. 

To protect against infection, your clothes should be properly maintained and washed. Clean clothes avoid the risk of infection.

3.     Activities

After Gynecomastia surgery, rest is a compulsory as rest helps to carry the recovery process smoothly. You have to avoid driving and heavy tasks which can hamper your healing procedure. But there are some good exercises like walking which can have a positive impact on your health as well as the healing procedure. If you lie on the bed the whole day then it can make you lazy, and weak as well as slow down your healing process. 

 You can start with your daily light activities as per your tolerance level which does not exert you and makes you active.

Generally, if you all the prescribed instructions attentively then you can get desired results and get back to your work within a couple of weeks.

 When you choose to have male breast reduction surgery from a renowned clinic then the surgeon will help you with complete care tips after the operation as per their experience and knowledge which helps you to recover faster.

  Special care·

You have to take prescribed medications on time and you have to visit your surgeon for a timely check-up. After surgery, the medication begins after 48 hours. You have to avoid smoke and alcohol completely during the recovery period. If you are consuming any other medicine to treat other issues then you must tell your doctor. You must follow the prescribed exercises to get effective and expected results.

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