Event Photo Booths Ideas For Any Occasion

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

Ralph Hattersley

Photographs are captured memories. When after a long time, you go through your old photos, it leaves a smile on your lips. With an event to remember, give your audience some pictures to keep for their whole life. 

Photobooths have been a part of weddings, conferences, trade shows, and carnivals. A photo booth is an essential element to engage attendees at an event. Setting up creatively themed photo booths with cameras, props, and gadgets can add a touch of fun for the crowd.

With the growing technical age, the photobooths have taken upgraded forms to be more interactive and interesting for the event-goers. 

Noteworthy Photobooth Ideas

Let’s explore modern ideas of the photobooth upgrades along with their marketing potential. 

1. Be ahead with LED Glass Booths

Blending commercial-standard glass with micro-LED lighting and media content has been a trendy photo booth idea for a state-of-the-art event. These glass booths are choicest for branding and audience interaction. 

The glass panels are customizable to let you give space for sponsor logos, graphic arts, advertisements, and other communication. The led lighting shadows the attendees’ moves to add fun to your event as the cameras click their happy time at the venue.

2. The gift of 3D GIFs

Why stop just with photos? Why not GIFs?

With a GIF booth at your event, the audiences can experience a series of images or a video as animation. They will be excited to share it on social media with fun captions. Installations with creativity are always a show-stealer. Create a fun environment with an interactive theme to magnetize the event-goers.

Set the booth up with super-fast WiFi and a sponsored hashtag to pull in some social media attention with these GIFs being uploaded through their personal profiles. 

3. Time Stoppers to Freeze the Frame

Give the event attendees a minimal, effortless mannequin challenge to experience.

Let your guests be in action to get their moves frozen with a multi-camera setup. This event technology is an experiential marketing sensation as it captures the attendees in action from 360 degrees. 

With such technology, the event-goers can go crazy to get themselves captured in their favorite action.

4. Leaf Blow their minds

Let the camera do what it does while a leaf blower is aimed at the user’s face in the booth. The photo booth can be configured to capture both still images and GIFs to give life to those priceless expressions. 

This is a common yet impressive idea for a photo booth. But it is loved by the attendees as they love to tussle up their hair to get a hilarious shot. The fluttering lips and flapping cheeks let them remember the event in the future. 

5. Make buzz in the Photo Bus

What do you think about a roadside photo booth? 

A minibus recrafted into an eccentric studio with creative props can be an excellent idea to engage the event-goers on a short ride. The driveable bus will add fun scenes to your event. With smart digital signage on the top, the photo bus will spread colors around the venue.

6. Customized designs for set and booth

At times, the minimalist props are not enough to add fun to the photos. Customize the booth with a creative set to make the photos special. A quirky backdrop would sprinkle some spice to the photo booth. 

Personalize the set according to the theme of your event or something relevant to the sponsor’s running campaigns to throw focus on them as well. Use some out-of-the-booth ideas to setup up an interactive theme.

7. A drawing booth to draw attention

Adding a sketch artist in your entertainment team will add a mode of sophisticated interaction at the venue. The artist can walk around the crowd mingling and sketching moments and personalities at the event. A sketch artist, a cartoonist, or a portrait artist, any of them can do this interactive entertainment and create a valuable engagement. 

As technology has taken over, all the artist would need is a handy tablet and a digital pen to create shareable content.

How to use the photo booth to boost engagement?

Put on a social media wall at the crowded spots and see the magic of UGC. As the attendees get themselves clicked, just give them a hashtag to use while they upload photos and videos. The user-generated content takes on the user-submitted tweets, posts, pictures, and videos to the brand’s official platform. Social walls display the user-generated content with an interactive outlay. The real-time updates help engage the attendees with their self-created content. 

Photo booths bring in positive results as it integrates social media and technology to bring in the heat. Along with these reasons, it is also an activity of recreation and interaction to create memories for the event-goers.

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