Explanation about mega session in hair transplant surgery

Explanation about mega session in hair transplant surgery

People often hear about the term mega session in the hair doctor clinic. But they are not sure what it means and what is needed to perform the mega session. If you are looking for the same question then this guide will give you a detailed explanation about the mega session in the hair transplantation treatment.


The mega session means when in a single sitting of hair transplant 2500 or more grafts are moved. No doubt, with time the technique has evolved a lot which eventually helps in giving better results. One of the major factors to consider the mega session hair transplant is dense packing. With this factor, it helps to know about the clinic’s ability to perform the best treatment with a high number of grafts.

In simple words, it means transplanting a lot of grafts in a small area to create a perfectly dense area with the natural result and thick hair. By taking the 2500 grafts in a crucial area with light coverage will help to create better results.

What does the clinic need to do the mega session?

To do the mega session safely and effectively 2 things are needed:

  • High trained staff
  • Experience of doing large cases

A single doctor cannot remove the 2500 grafts in one day, treat them, create incisions, and then place them back in the problematic area. It takes time and patience to do the procedure in the right way. The helping staff should be properly trained to know what needs to be done and how. If one part works properly and others do not then the results won’t be the same you are looking for.

Effective and safe placement of grafts

  • With mega sessions, different things need to be kept in mind. Most importantly is the placement of high-quality grafts with a safe and effective method. For the mega session, around 4 to 5 expert doctors are needed. In case the graft requirement is 4000 then the requirement will be more than 7 experienced doctors.
  • Proper training, manpower, and time are needed to do the mega session in the right way. When the clinic is doing such a procedure continuously the entire team will get experienced and the better results will be there. So, the patient should make sure the team is capable of handling such cases.

Is it possible for a mega session to be done on FUE and FUT?

‘NO’. The FUE technique does lend to a mega session whereas FUT does. With FUT mega session the graft transplanted is in huge number and without any damage. Once they are out from the body the time is very less and they need to be transplanted back in the right position for proper growth. With FUT, there is only one linear scar whether the graft requirement is 500 or 5000. So, it means the FUT mega session can be performed easily. With FUE number of grafts needs to be extracted one by one which will leave an invasive scar. So this cannot be done with the mega session.

Is the mega session the right option?

Well, make sure you discuss it with your doctor. In many cases, hair loss is less so graft requirement is less. Your doctor will diagnose your condition and let you know if you are a good candidate for the procedure. For a thorough discussion book your consultation today only.

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