Get Visa For Canada

Get Visa For Canada To Enjoy A Better Lifestyle

You can temporarily get visa for Canada or you can permanently settle there with your family. The temporary resident visa is also known as visitors’ visa, during this duration you can visit your relatives or family. Moreover, you can completely analyze the business opportunities in various sectors to start you own business. The hundreds of families in Dubai get visiting visa to spend quality time with their family members in order to explore tourists’ spots in Canada.

However, validity of visitors’ visa depends on visa officer and inquiry committee.Similarly, the students can get quality education from world class institutes. Likewise, the best medical healthcare facilities are provided by Canadian government to its citizens. Canada immigration consultants in Dubai provides satisfactory services from basic criteria, procedure of application or documentation.

Types of visitors’visa and their requirements:

  • Single entry visa: it is valid for at least 6 months and allows entry for single time.
  • Multiple entry visas: generally, it is valid for longer duration of time up to 10 years. Through this type of visa you can exit or re-enter Canada for multiple times.
  • Transit visa:transit visa is required when you enter Canada, stop over there approximately for 48 hours and after that,you have planned to move another country.

The trusted immigration consultants in Dubai pave your path for successful approval of your application in less duration of time. However, for above mentioned types of visitors’ visa the applicants must have following essential documents:

  • A valid passportthat is not going to expire soon
  • A valid identity card of your native country
  • Financial status report, bank statements, income tax statements (from last two years)
  • Proof of employment including salary statement and duration of employment
  • For business visitors, a valid business license or invitation letter from Canadian business community is required
  • In case of family visit, affidavit, proof and financial document of inviter is necessary
  • For tourists, proof of reserved hotel and tickets are compulsory

Student visa: international students have to submit their admission call letter from respective country along with valid passport, ID card, bank statement, IELTS/TOFEL clearance certificate and other relevant documents. The students can work for 20 hours per week. In case of married students, their spouses are allowed for full time work permit. The immigration consultants in Dubai provide complete consultancy services to get visa or passport.

Skilled immigration visa: the skilled and professional workers can apply under Federal Skilled Worker program to enter in Canada. The foreign workers are needed to provide English/French language proficiency test certificate, work experience, age, education and adaptability statement for how well to settle in Canada.

Work permit visa: the international workers have to submit job offer letter, contact, Labor Market Impact Assessment certificate’s copy and LMIA number to get visa for Canada.

Business visa: you can get PR by providing business plan, experience, investment, bank stamen and proficiency in English/French. You can select any reliable Canada immigration consultants in Dubai to get its citizenship for a better living standard.

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