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What is Hajj to a Muslim?

Muslims believe in the five pillars of Islam. Firstly the must have faith in Allah Almighty and Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). Then Namaz, Roza, Zakat and lastly they believe Hajj as an Islamic Pillar. Hajj is annual worship for Muslims. Many travel agencies provide several Hajj Packages every year to those who want to perform Hajj. Hajj is mandatory for all those who can afford its travel expenses. And these travel expenses also include the expense of food and accommodation.

As mentioned earlier that Hajj is annual worship and most people have less idea about what they will do there. Furthermore, they also doubt about how they will manage all those necessary things which they need there. These necessary things include the aeroplane ticket, Saudi-Visa, accommodation, transportation and food. For performing hajj a hajji must have to be there for at least 10-15 days. Most people prefer to stay more days but an average count can be 10-15 days. And for these days they need hajj-Visa and accommodation.

If someone does this by their own it might make them tired. Because managing all these things on your own is not as simple as eating a cake. To overcome this stress different travel agencies are now working globally. And in the UK they also have strong foot-holds. Because in the UK there is a vast Muslim population and they also want to perform Hajj and Umrah. These travel agencies provide their client with different packages regarding Hajj and Umrah. For Umrah, they offer routine packages and for Hajj they offer some specific packages.

What security these Hajj packages provide us?

To know about these packages you may visit websites of those travel agencies that provide Hajj and Umrah facilities for the UK based Muslims. In these packages, you may find a package that will be suitable for you. But recent concerns have shown some fraud regarding different Umrah and Hajj packages. Moreover, these frauds agencies are becoming global. People get trapped to them because they use the name of Allah and Prophet. But to rise precautions about this fraud here are some important knowledge for you.

Let’s start with knowing about two organisations which provide financially or travel protection to travellers. First and foremost organisation which is running globally to sustain the travelling of airlines is IATA. IATA is an abbreviation of (International Air Transport Association) it was established in 1945. Its head-quarter is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The chief purpose of this association is to stabilize aeroplanes’ tickets rate. For this, it has signed an agreement with 290 airlines in 120 countries. It works as a cartel among them.

So if you find a travel agency that offers you those flights which are associated with IATA then you have more than less chance for fraud. Apart from this, you will also enjoy quality airline services at relatively low rates. And many travel agencies provide to their clients those airlines that are associated with IATA.

Financial Recovery of Hajj Packages:

Another such association which is working for providing financial and travel protection to travellers is ATOL. Unlike IATA, it is a UK based association. ATOL is an abbreviation of Air Travel Organisations’ Licensing. As clear from its name this is an association of travel organisations in the UK. This association provide licence of work to these organisations. Moreover, their license is the most authentic way to have a travel agency in the UK.

 So if you are visiting a travel agency for Hajj or Umrah packages make sure that it is licensed form ATOL. In this manner, you can save your tour and money. Furthermore, those travel agencies which are members of ATOL association will provide you with an ATOL certificate. Through this ATOL certificate, you can claim the company if the company fails to travel you. ATOL is a government-run financial protection scheme operated by the Civil Aviation Association (CAA). It will refund you all your travel expenses which you gave to them.

But it is to be noted here that this association will only recover that money which you will lose due to company’s miss-hap. ATOL will not give you other financial assistance.

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