Top benefits of IVF

How does the IVF procedure work and also discuss the top benefits?

Infertility has become a major issue all over the globe. This is where fertility treatment has helped many couples to conceive despite the fertility issues they face. Ideally, IVF treatment is considered the best. No doubt, its success rate also shows that this treatment is very helpful for the infertile couple. Many couples when visit the IVF centre they often ask about working and how it is beneficial for them which we have mentioned in this article.

Working of the IVF Procedure

During the IVF treatment, the woman is given fertility hormones which help in increasing the egg count. Once enough eggs are produced they will be retrieved from the ovaries and mixed with the sperm in the laboratory. This way the fertilization will occur which will further lead to the development of the embryo. The quality embryo is selected and transferred back to the uterus.

Top Benefits of IVF Procedure

  • Treatment is not limited to certain use

The most top benefit of IVF is that its use is not limited to a certain case or situation. It means it won’t only address the issue of female fertility like endometriosis, PCOS, frozen pelvis, or fallopian tube defects.

Couples with male infertility can also take advantage of the IVF ICSI procedure. The treatment will work best if the person has a low sperm count or semen problem. This way IVF is great for addressing the problem of male and female infertility which will help to increase the conception chances.

  • High success rate

In many cases, the patient prefers the methods of fertility treatment before IVF. But they do not know this can be a first-line treatment for many infertile couples. Undergoing the IVF procedure in the first go has benefited many couples. This is true, as compared to other assisted reproduction technology IVF per cycle success is very high.

  • IVF uses the 3rd party for the reproduction method

In some cases, the women are not able to produce enough eggs or the problem of diminished ovarian reserve which makes it difficult to undergo fertility treatment. But, with IVF this problem is solved as the patient can use the donor egg or embryo. This is the only procedure that helps the egg and sperm to be fertilized outside the women uterus which increases the conception chances.

  • Fertility Preservation for Women

Nowadays, women are focused on their career but they forget that this can affect the chances of conception. With time, the biological clock stops working the way it works in the 20s or 30s. In that case, the option of egg freezing is considered the best choice as they can be later in the IVF procedure.

  • Selection of best embryo

As the women age, the chances of the embryo having the chromosomal abnormalities increases. Due to this, the embryo will not implant into the uterus lining properly.

Fortunately, with the IVF the good quality embryos can be selected with genetic screening to eliminate the chances of a genetic disorder.

If you are wondering to know more about the procedure then schedule your appointment with our fertility doctor.

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