How to fix Tenda router that has stopped working

Everyone nowadays wants faster, secure and constant internet. But it’s not always possible to get all the three boxes ticked all at once. One or the other option has to be abandoned while opting for an internet provider. This isn’t the case with Tenda. Tenda is a very famous technical brand. It is known for providing dependable and secure internet connection. But like every other appliance, there’s a possibility that the router fails to work sometimes. In such cases you might have to fix your problem first before contacting the customer or management services of Tenda. So here are some easy troubleshooting ways to deal with Tenda issues, no matter what they are: 

Ping the Router

First of all, you need to do a ping test to properly check if your router is working. The easiest way to ping a site is to use your command prompt to ping up any website on windows. Here’s how you should do it:

  • Go to Start and then open up the Command Prompt.
  • Type in Ping there along with the IP address of the site. If you don’t remember the IP address then you will have to painstakingly type in the whole address.

This whole process will help determine just how secure the link is by sending short packages right to the target website. But while doing this experiment you need to understand that not every website will be receptive to the pings. If even after this step you find that the router is not working then it’s time to move on to the next one.

Login to the Router –

Now Most of tenda router problems can be fixed with router login. Please go to tenda for tenda router login & after that check the settings & update the latest firmware.

Check on your Cable Connection

There is always the option of resetting or replacing the router. But before doing those time consuming tasks, you need to do one last thing and that’s checking on the cable connection and taking a good look at what kind of connection is coming into the system. To check this you will have to look at the back of the router. There you will have to check the main wire and determine if it has been affected by something. Also it’s important to make sure that each of the connection is strong and that the connectors are crimped properly. If you find any sort of rust on the cable then try to get another one.

Do a reinstall

If you face the same troubles even after rebooting your router then you should try to reset it straight to the factory default setting. Also try to install it newly. In most routers, all you need to do is hold on a tiny reset button. This will let you begin anew since you will have to setup the whole thing again. So any previous errors and problems should get wiped out.

Change the Router Channel

Most of Tenda’s routers make use of one among the 14 channels or frequencies to send or get information. As one might expect, some of these channels overlap. But there are three exceptions to this and those are the channels 6, 11 and 1. So these are the three channels which you would be able to use the most. If you find that your wireless connection is irregular then it’s possible that you are encountering some sort of channel interference. To solve this issue you can try changing the WiFi channel by using the router’s management console. Check as many channels you can to fix the audio issue. 

Following these steps generally does get rid of a lot of router problems. If you find that your router is still not working then maybe it’s time to contact customer service Or Reset the Router  from Tenda and sort out the issue.

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