Rising Australian economic growth due to migration

New report depicting a rise in Australian economic growth due to migration

According to some members of the Australian-ruling Liberal Party, voters believe that immigrants are bad for the economy as they cause wages to stagnate and deplete resources as well. But according to the freshly published report, written by the same Orthodox government, points out the opposite – immigration is considered as the best and crucial engine for the growth of a nation. Nowadays, more and more people migrate to other nations for distinct purposes like employment, study, business and many more. If you also want to go to Australia then you must lodge your file from migration Agents in Brisbane as they are having sufficient knowledge and experience in this field.

According to the Committee of Economic Development of Australia (CEDA), its latest data reveals that the temporary efficient migrants do not harm the workers in Australia, instead they pushed up the wages and flourish the nation.

As per the recent report, there is no negative impact on the rate of participation and wages of the Australian workers by the recently arrived migrants. On the other hand, some studies demonstrate that the rise in the concentrations of migrants in certain qualifications and experience levels is linked with a positive influence on employment and wages.

Almost 70% of the skilled workers who hold visas reside in the two provinces Victoria and New South Wales, where the rate of unemployment rates is low throughout Australia.

According to the report, local workers are deported by skilled immigrants. The average base salary for an average Australian worker is relatively lower than the temporary skilled migrants. It dispels the myth that Australian employers make use of the program of temporary skilled migration to reduce the terms and conditions of employment.

ICT business analyst, university lecturer, developer programmer, and cook are some of the major occupations for which an embassy granted visas to the migrants in 2017. The skilled migrants who are enrolled in these jobs are from the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and India.

Migration can be a boon

Some researchers claim that increasing labor productivity is one of the most crucial channels in which the income per person is affected by the arrival of migrant workers.

  • Migrants increase GDP per person and productivity: A minor rise in the immigrant share in the adult population surges the per capita nation’s GDP by up to 2 percent in the long run. This increase is mainly due to the increase in the productivity of labor rather than the increase in the ratio of the labor force to the population.
  • Prosperity is broadly shared: Both high skilled migrants or low-or medium-skilled migrants enjoy the benefit of average income due to a rise in the share of migrants. Even though, the migrants who are high-skilled benefits more than the other earners. Moreover, migrants’ presence does not appear an inequality between both the earners regarding the income.

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