Research says Vitamin E is causing vaping illness

The FDA, CDC, state & local health departments along with other clinical health partners are investigating the outbreak on the vaping products for health concern. This guide will help you give an insight into the research which says that Vitamin E is the main reason for the vaping related illness.

Lately, there has been a mysterious outbreak on the vaping-related illness or ‘EVALI’, which started from the United States and it has still not completely gone away. Still, there have not been exact numbers but as December 17th, around 2500 people have been hospitalized due to vaping related illness in 20 states. Also, it has been reported that 54 people have died. Is there any evidence for the vaping-related health issues arising all over the world?

Vitamin E is the cause of Vaping-related Illness

The latest evidence from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has been linked that Vitamin E oil added to the THC illegal product is the reason for vaping issues and it has made more than 2200 people sick.

Researchers have found that Vitamin E acetate damage the lungs of 48 out of 51 patients who faced vaping illness. The people who are using THC product have problematic ingredient as marijuana.

New findings banned flavored E-cigs

With the latest reports and outbreak on vaping products New york city has banned the flavored e-cigs. Along with that, there are other cities also who are contributing to these efforts for public health and safety. Many vaping changes will be made in the coming months which need to be followed by all the vape store owners. Some of the products won’t be available at the vape shop due to the vape ban on certain products.

This is also done to stop underage vaping and make people aware of its right usage.

The Minnesota Department of Health investigators shared a report regarding the THC product which has marijuana as the main ingredient. Around 20 product samples were taken from the vaping patients and they had Vitamin E. Whereas one year back 10 products were collected which did not have the Vitamin E.

CDC Reports

  • With the CDC reports there has been a rise in vaping-related illness in the last few months. However, the increase is seen to be slowing down gradually. Around 48 people who died of vaping-related illness and other deaths are still under investigation so that the exact cause can be found. This way, the appropriate steps can be taken to bring the situation under control.
  • Another report by CDC, have shown they tested 29 patients and all of them have Vitamin E acetate in the lung fluid. The patients were from 10 different states. Moreover, all of them were vaping THC products.
  • Researchers also say that it is too soon to know are there any other contributing factor which is resulting in the EVALI issue nationwide.


Well, Vitamin E acetate is found in different products from food to skincare products. Till now, there is no exact evidence which shows its negative effect when applied to the skin or swallowed.

Meanwhile, in NYC flavored vape products of menthol and mint have been banned. If you want to know more about the changes made in the vaping products and its right usage then talk to the professionals.

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